Pollsters divided on K’taka: Some say BJP, some Cong, some predict hung Assembly

Most national channels have aired separate polls and many have predicted a hung assembly.
Pollsters divided on K’taka: Some say BJP, some Cong, some predict hung Assembly
Pollsters divided on K’taka: Some say BJP, some Cong, some predict hung Assembly
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Minutes after the polling concluded on Saturday, exit polls broadcast by several television news channels were split on who would emerge victorious in Karnataka. While a few polls gave Congress the edge, others gave it for the BJP. But the common thread was that all the polls gave almost similar seats to the JD(S).

VMR-Times Now exit poll

VMR-Times Now exit poll projected that Congress will emerge the single largest party in Karnataka, predicting between 98 and 103 seats for the party. BJP, the poll said, would get between 80 and 93, and predicted 31 and 39 seats for the JD(S). The mean, according to this poll, was 97 seats for Congress, 87 for BJP and 35 for JD(S)

According to the exit poll, the largest chunk of seats for Congress will be from the Mumbai-Karnataka region and the Old Mysore region.

The VMR-Times Now exit poll also predicted that Congress would have an edge over BJP in Coastal Karnataka, with the Siddaramaiah-led party securing 13 and the BJP winning 8 seats.

In Old Mysore, it will be a neck to neck fight between the JD(S)-BSP and the INC.

In Bengaluru, the VMR-Times Now exit poll is split between the Congress and BJP at 14-14.


CNX-NewsX gave a clear edge to the BJP, giving the party 102-110, while the Congress would come a distant second with 72-78 seats and the JD(S) at 35-39.

India Today- Axis My India

The polling for the Karnataka Assembly elections has ended and exit polls are out. The India Today and Axis My India survey included 70,574 people in 223 constituencies across the state. As many as 56 surveyors were deployed.

The survey predicted the Congress has the edge over other parties. The poll stated that the grand old party would win anywhere between 106 and 118 seats.

The BJP was predicted to be the runner-up and the survey stated the party would get 79 – 92 seats. The survey awarded JD(S) and BSP alliance 22-32 seats and 1-4 seats for smaller parties and independents.

The survey says that the BJP will not fare well in Hyderabad-Karnataka region but has a good presence in Central Karnataka.

The exit poll predicted the vote share as Congress- 39%, BJP-35%, JD(S) – 17%, others – 9% .

Republic TV-Jan Ki Baat

Meanwhile Republic TV’s Jan Ki Baat exit poll stated that the BJP would have an edge over other parties and allotted anywhere between 95 and 114 seats. The Congress, according to their polls will get 73-82 seats followed by JD(S) which it says will win 32-43 seats. The survey allotted 2-3 seats to other parties and independents.

Republic TV also says that the BJP’s voter share percent would be 38.25%. It stated that the Congress would achieve a vote share of 36.5% and predicted that the JD(S) would win 22.5% with others bagging 2.75% of the total number of seats.

Average of all four exit polls is Congress – 91, BJP-95, JD(S)- 34 and others 4 seats.


The channel also aired C-Voter’s exit poll, which predicted that the BJP would get 97-109 seats. It said that the Congress would get 87-99 seats, the JD(S) would bag 21-30 seats and other parties would win 1-8 seats.

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