Nandi hills tragedy: 2-year-old too is dead, body found five days after mother's

Prateeksha told her childhood friend about the alleged dowry harassment she was facing
Nandi hills tragedy: 2-year-old too is dead, body found five days after mother's
Nandi hills tragedy: 2-year-old too is dead, body found five days after mother's

Five days after 25-year-old Prateeksha's body was found, Chikkaballapur district police found the body of her two-year-old child, holding whom she had jumped off Tipu’s Drop near Nandi hills on December 24.

Purushottam, Deputy Superintendent of Chikkaballapur district who is investigating the case told The News Minute that the body of the child was retrieved from 1,200 feet below the suicide point around 2 pm in the afternoon on Thursday.

Prateeksha, who was a resident of Bagepalli town in the district, jumped from Tipu’s Drop late on Friday evening. Before she took the extreme step she flung her two-year-old son.

“It was a difficult terrain and a steep path to get into. It was quite an inaccessible spot as the body was stuck between two boulders. We had to lower a person using a rope to recover the body,” Purushottam said.

He said that the fact the child was with Prateeksha in Nandi H ills before she took the extreme step was confirmed by a source, who claimed to have dropped the duo at Tipu’s Drop on the fateful day. She convinced the person to take her to Tipu’s Drop claiming that a few of her friends were waiting for her at the spot.

Prateeksha last spoke to her childhood classmate Deekshith, a resident of Bengaluru, from the phone of the person who dropped her to Tipu’s point.

Purushottam said that Prateeksha got in touch with Deekshith through Facebook about 3 months ago and started confiding in him and also told him about the alleged dowry harassment she was facing.

“He told police that the harassment by her in-laws had increased in the last 2 months and that based on their conversation Prateeksha had suicidal tendencies,” he said.

Prateeksha’s husband, Suman and his family consisting of his mother, father, brother and brother’s wife have been absconding since Sunday. A separate team has been formed to trace the family.

“We could have detained them had Prateeksha’s father filed a complaint against them the day her body was found. Although we tried our best to convince him to file a complaint, he was hesitant. The delay gave the family ample time to flee,” he said.

Prateeksha’s father, Nagaraj, who has filed a complaint against Suman and his family, told The News Minute on Wednesday that he feels Prateeksha was murdered by her husband’s family over the dowry issue.

However, every time dowry troubles came up in the last four years of marriage, Nagaraj would ask Prateeksha to adjust.

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