'My name is the guarantee of security in the country': Narendra Modi

On April 28, Prime Minister Modi addressed public meetings in Belagavi, Uttara Kannada, Davanagere and Ballari.
Prime Minister Narendra Modi
Prime Minister Narendra ModiIANS
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Prime Minister Narendra Modi, on Sunday, April 28, said that there were no bomb blasts in the country under his tenure since 2014. “Before 2014, many bomb blasts had happened but after 2014 they stopped. This is Modi. I will ensure the security of the nation, of your house, by keeping in check the guns and bombs,” he said while addressing the crowd in Ballari.

“With the help of your (people's) one vote, I am able to stop bomb blasts, make the terrorists run away. I got the strength to ensure this with the support of your one vote. If not for your vote, the bomb blasts would have continued and innocents would have lost their lives,” he said.

Alleging that women in Karnataka are not safe under the Congress government, he said that the BJP government will protect the women if they were voted to power.

Referring to the death of Neha Hiremath, an MCA student who was stabbed to death in broad daylight by a Muslim youth, Modi said, "Our daughters are not safe under the Congress government in Karnataka. A young woman was stabbed to death in full public view in broad daylight. There is no fear in the accused as the Congress party is ruling. A daughter has been killed... and her family has been living with worries. This is the result of the policies of the Congress." 

Reiterating that the Modi government strengthened national security, in his public meeting in Davangere, the Prime Minister said, “Modi is also a guarantee for development. You (people) have seen it in the last 10 years. 'Ghar mein ghus kar martai hai Modi' ... it is my primary duty to protect the citizens. People of Karnataka have been feeling that they are unsafe.

Modi claimed that the Congress party wants to divide the country. He urged voters not to waste their vote on them. “I will not bog down, I will fight for you. The Congress is dangerous. You (people) must be careful. The Congress wants to divide the country. Does the Congress and INDIA bloc have any name for the post of PM? They have a formula... if they come to power, everyone will get a one-year term for the post of PM. In that case, what would happen to this country? Do you want to waste your vote on that?" PM Modi asked.

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