Karnataka: Nandini milk to cost Rs 2 extra from June 26

The federation also said that consumers will continue to get milk packets with the old prices and old quantities till the existing stock is exhausted.
Nandini Milk
Nandini Milk
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The Karnataka Milk Federation (KMF) has announced a hike in the price of Nandini milk by Rs 2 per litre effective Wednesday, June 26. Addressing a press conference on Tuesday, KMF Chairman Bhima Naik said each packet will now contain an additional 50 ml of milk.  

This is the second time the KMF has increased the price in less than a year. Earlier in July 2023, the then Karnataka government had allowed KMF to increase the price by Rs 3 per litre. KMF had asked for an increase of Rs 5 but the Karnataka government only allowed a hike of Rs 3. 

Bhima Naik defended the price hike citing the increase in milk production by KMF and said that they will be providing 550 ml for half litre packets and 1,050 ml for one litre packets. He also assured consumers that the federation has refrained from increasing the prices of other milk products, including curd. 

The revised prices are as follows– Homogenised toned milk will cost Rs 24 for 550 ml and Rs 45 for 1,050 ml. Special milk and Shubham milk will be priced at Rs 27 for 550 ml and Rs 50 for 1,050 ml, while homogenised Shubham milk will cost Rs 27 for 550 ml and Rs 51 for 1,050 ml. Shubham gold milk will be available for Rs 28 for 550 ml and Rs 51 for 1,050 ml. Lastly, double toned milk will be priced at Rs 23 for 550 ml and Rs 43 for 1,050 ml.

“As is the harvest season, the milk production in the state has gone up by nearly 15%. We have increased the capacity of the milk packets by 50 ml to sell this excess supply, that's why the price has also gone up,” KMF said in a statement. 

The federation also said that consumers will continue to get milk packets with the old prices and old quantities printed on them till the stock is exhausted. KMF also said that the milk prices in the state were lower compared to other states such as Kerala where milk is priced at Rs 52 per litre, Rs 54 in Delhi, Rs 56 in Gujarat, Rs 56 in Maharashtra and Rs 58 in Andhra Pradesh.

Meanwhile, the Opposition Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) dubbed the move as “anti-people.” State BJP chief BY Vijayendra said that the Karnataka government was making it more difficult for common households to afford milk. “This move neither benefits the poor nor improves the livelihoods of farmers who depend on dairy farming and animal husbandry. The Congress government, which is playing with the lives of the people of this state, has lost the moral right to continue in power,” he added.

Chief Minister Siddaramaiah defended the increase in price saying that it was not an increase in milk prices per unit, but only an increase in the volume per packet with proportionate increase in the price for the increased volume. “This decision by KMF aims to ensure that farmers' additional milk production is not rejected at collection centres,” he said, adding that milk production has now reached nearly 1 crore litres per day.

According to reports by Moneycontrol, the KMF has also planned to introduce ready-to-cook idli and dosa batter under the Nandini brand. KMF’s managing director, MK Jagadish said that it would be launched in approximately two months. Recently a tender was issued by KMF regarding this matter.

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