‘Karnataka govt will work towards developing rationality among students’: CM Siddaramaiah

The CM said that if the teachers are not secular and rational, it is not possible to develop knowledge among the students.
Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah
Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah
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Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah, on Saturday, said that the government will work towards developing consciousness and rationality among the students. He also said that if the teachers are not secular and rational, it is not possible to develop knowledge among the students. He was responding to questions at the Prabuddha Karnataka Janamana Conference held by Janamana Foundation and Samata Adyayana Kendra at Devaraja Arasu Bhavan.

CM Siddaramaiah said that peace, law and order, and a business friendly environment is necessary to attract global investors. "GDP increases as employment is created through investments. Therefore, a peaceful society without caste-religion conflict is needed," he said.

Stating that the energy and spirit of our youth should not be misused, he said, "Our government has formulated a policy where the youth is not misused for riots in the name of caste and religion. Hence, we have decided to provide Yuva Nidhi for 24 months and skill training to the unemployed youth," he said.

He also added that the vacant posts will be filled up phase by phase in the state government, as promised in the election manifesto. "Until then, we intend to bring reservation in outsourced appointments as well," he said. He said that a meeting with industrialists was held to discuss the kind of skills that are required in students. Accordingly, education should be designed for students to meet the market demand.

While answering a question, the CM assured to take action for permanent solution to the problems of Sharavati victims. "The last government was practicing moral policing. As soon as we came to power, we drew the line against moral policing. Atrocities on Dalits, minorities and backward people will not stop until an equal society is built. Thus our government is trying to create a peaceful state," he said.

Saying that a selection committee for the recruitments in the academies and boards will be set up, he said that this committee will screen the candidates and prevent fanatics and divisive minds from entering these establishments.

The CM, replying to a girl’s question, said that a suitable decision will be taken about menstrual leave for women employees and students. “Women were also deprived of education like the shudras for centuries. Exploitation and violence on women will be reduced if they prosper socially and economically. A survey will be conducted on government land encroachment. The provision of providing land to the landless will be reviewed,” he said.

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