Idli on a kulfi stick in a Bengaluru restaurant? Fans are divided

The image of idlis on a kulfi stick has set off divided reactions across Twitter with some furious, while others raise interesting questions.
Kulfi Idli | Idli on a stick
Kulfi Idli | Idli on a stick
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Remember when south Indian Twitter users rose to defend the idli after a British professor put out a less than charitable opinion on the food? The same people may find themselves deeply divided now. As a mystifying image featuring idlis … on a kulfi stick surfaced on Twitter. It was initially unclear which restaurant has come up with this polarising innovation, but it was supposed to be somewhere in Bengaluru. Then it was claimed that Colombo Idli House in Bengaluru is behind the innovation. The manager told TNM that they have no such product on the menu and someone had posted a picture attributing it to them. "We got many calls, we have written to Google asking for help to remove the post wrongly attributing us."

Well, so it's not Colombo Idli House that's serving stick idlis, but whoever it is they have got the internet divided.

And no, it’s not sweetened. It’s just idlis in a different shape. On a stick. That’s it.

Unsurprisingly, there are those who are furiously offended on behalf of idlis while some are a little more open to the idea. Others just want to know why!

There are quite a few ayes, the ones who feel it's just an idli.

Questions of the day:

We are yet to ascertain if there is indeed a restaurant somewhere in Bengaluru with this unusual offering, but whoever they are they should know they have set off a feud on Twitter. Meanwhile a chef name Minal Badheka has claimed that she is the inventor of the idli on a stick.

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