High percent of patients who had diabetes, hypertension died of COVID-19 in Karnataka

Karnataka's COVID-19 War Room has put out data on the state’s mortality rate for various groups of patients.
High percent of patients who had diabetes, hypertension died of COVID-19 in Karnataka
High percent of patients who had diabetes, hypertension died of COVID-19 in Karnataka

As of Sunday, Karnataka’s mortality rate has been reported at 2.3% for COVID-19 patients in the state, calculated based on patients who have succumbed to the disease (with and without comorbidities) along with recovered patients.

As widely reported, the 60+ age group is the most vulnerable. 

Around 23.8% of patients above the age of 60 have succumbed to COVID-19 in Karnataka. It is to be noted that here patients who are still undergoing active treatment have not been taken into consideration for this calculation in this.

Patients of the same group fare worse if they are symptomatic, with a mortality rate of 55.1%.

So far, 657 patients belonging to the 60+ age group in the state have tested positive for the novel coronavirus, and 74 of them have succumbed to the virus and comorbidities.

When it comes to the 50-60 age group, the mortality goes down to 8.41% when considering only death and recovered cases (excluding presently active cases), according to data from Sunday. The same age group, if symptomatic, has a mortality rate of 40%.

The mortality rate further improves to 2.63% for the 40-50 age group. For the 30-40 group, it goes down to less than 1%. The corresponding mortality rate for the age groups if they are symptomatic is 19.39% and 4.1% respectively.

Hypertension or/and diabetes a major factor

According to data tabulated by the state COVID-19 War Room, coronavirus patients suffering from hypertension or/and diabetes mellitus are the worst affected. 35.11% of these patients have succumbed, again calculating the mortality rate as total deaths over total recovered and deaths, not accounting for active patients.

The mortality is much more severe, at 62.24%, for symptomatic patients with hypertension or/and diabetes mellitus.  

The mortality rate following the same calculation is much lower for patients suffering from all other comorbidities. 

Mortality of SARI and ILI casesPatients with severe acute respiratory infection (SARI) and Influenza-like Illness (ILI) also have a high mortality rate. Patients having SARI have a mortality rate of 56.38%.

The mortality rate is almost half for patients suffering from ILI, at 27.71%.  

Asymptomatic and symptomatic

Patients who were symptomatic on the day of testing are more likely to succumb to the disease than patients who are asymptomatic when they are tested.

In total, 114 out of the 137 deaths recorded in the state are among symptomatic patients. While the mortality is at 0.41% for asymptomatic patients, the same for symptomatic patients are 19.16%.


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