Bengaluru’s ‘century cyclist’ Anil Kadsur passes away due to cardiac arrest

Kadsur recently shared on social media his accomplishment of 42 months of back-to-back daily 100 km cycle rides.
Anil Kadsur
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Anil Kadsur, fondly known as 'century cyclist',‘cycle yogi’ or ‘cycle guru’, tragically passed away on Friday, February 2. Renowned among cycling enthusiasts for his remarkable feat of covering 100 kilometers daily, Kadsur, aged 45, succumbed to cardiac arrest. A resident of Bengaluru, Kadsur’s daily century rides recently culminated in a significant milestone that he completed 42 consecutive months of century rides, totaling 1,250 century rides.

According to reports, on January 31, Kadsur shared on social media his accomplishment of 42 months of back-to-back daily 100 km cycle rides. However, later that night, the 45-year-old complained of discomfort and was admitted to the hospital, where he later passed away on February 2.

His ‘century rides’ began as part of a 100-km cycling challenge for ten days in August 2020. Unlike other cyclists who stopped after receiving their medals, Kadsur persevered and made 100 km rides his daily routine. Notably, Kadsur surpassed the record of an Italian cyclist by completing 643 century rides.

Citizens Movement, East Bengaluru expressed condolences at his untimely demise and also about the importance of heart health. “Anil epitomized fitness in Bengaluru, cycling 100km daily for the past 1500+ days. His sudden departure, attributed to a massive cardiac arrest, reminds us of the unpredictability of such events. Anil's legacy lies in his strength, flexibility, and the inspiration he bestowed upon a generation. Cardiac arrests, often occurring in apparently normal hearts, result from impulse generation/conduction abnormalities. On the other hand, heart attacks, or myocardial infarctions, stem from narrowed blood vessels, exacerbated by poor dietary habits, a sedentary lifestyle, and smoking. Let's remember Anil's dedication while reflecting on the importance of heart health.”

National President of BJP Yuva Morcha Tejasvi Surya said, “saddened to know about the passing away of cyclist Anil Kadsur. Anil, fondly called the Century Rider for riding 100km daily for the last 1,500 days, was well-known figure in Bengaluru South & a fitness icon for many youngsters like me. Many of us would have even seen him ride around the city. Offer my condolences to his family. Om Shanti.”

Former IPS officer and BJP leader Bhaskar Rao said, “Anil, how can you go away so soon… an epitome of fitness, enthusiasm and commitment.. cycling, cycling and more cycling…. So young with huge plans.. life is cruel and unpredictable.. leaves behind a huge legacy… Valuable lesson you have taught us on health care with your Supreme Sacrifice… peace to his Soul strength to family.. om Shanti.”

Dr Sudhir Kumar, Neurologist in Apollo Hospitals of Hyderabad, took to social media to talk about how excessive exercise might be detrimental to health. “He was cycling for about 7 hours daily to cover a distance of 100 km. As per research, the effect of exercise on mortality is U-shaped: initially there is benefit, but beyond a certain exercise dose, there is detrimental effect on health and there is increased mortality risk,” he said. He also suggested keeping the exercise dose within a reasonable limit and taking at least one day per week off from vigorous exercise.

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