4 charts tell you how bad rape convictions are in Karnataka, especially Bengaluru

Pathetic conviction rate even after a fast track court for sexual violence cases was set up in 2013
4 charts tell you how bad rape convictions are in Karnataka, especially Bengaluru
4 charts tell you how bad rape convictions are in Karnataka, especially Bengaluru

If you are a resident of Karnataka, especially in Bengaluru, then the charts below would really change your opinion about how safe the state is for women.

The rate of conviction in rape cases in Karnataka has been abysmally low over the last three years, though there has been a steep rise in the number of cases of rape against children in the state since 2014.

The status of the cases reflect badly not only on the police force but also on the state’s judicial system even though the state had set up fast track courts after “Nirbhaya rape case”.

Chart 1- The number of rape reported on minors almost doubled in 2014 and 2015 compared to 2013, while the conviction rate dropped to just 1 in 2015. The one conviction in the minor rape case in Karnataka in 2015 was from Koppal district.

Chart 2- On an average more than 50% of the cases are pending in court.

Congress MLC Ugrappa, who is the chairman of the committee on prevention of sexual assault against women and children, said that the number of cases reported have also increased in the last two years.

“People have realised that reporting crimes is better because they are informed by social media about the compensation that comes with reporting sexual crimes,” Ugrappa said.

Asked about such low conviction rates, he accepts that the Law and Order system in the city is partially to be blamed for.

“There are four kinds of rapists- One- People with mental conditions (including old age), Two- Who have failed in love, Three- Who are vengeful and Four- Who are impotent and prove that they are also men. From what I have studied so far these days are unable to control their sexual desires, which could be the reason for such a high rise in the number of cases.”

Chart 3- The number of rapes on minors reported in 2014 and 2015 have tripled compared to 2013. Is the law and order system in the city to blame for? What is surprising is that there has been no conviction in the rapes reported except in 2014. Do you still want to know how safe the city is for your children?

Chart 4- There have been no convictions in cases of rapes against women in Bengaluru in the last three years, while the number of cases have only doubled since 2013.  

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