‘100 pc loan waiver to farmers’: JD(S) releases manifesto 5 days ahead of polls

Free power, and 30 kg rice to BPL families, pension for widows, senior citizens and differently-abled are among JD(S)’s poll promises.
‘100 pc loan waiver to farmers’: JD(S) releases manifesto 5 days ahead of polls
‘100 pc loan waiver to farmers’: JD(S) releases manifesto 5 days ahead of polls
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The JD(S), touted as a potential kingmaker in the Karnataka elections, released its manifesto on Monday with just five days left to go for polls. The party headed by former PM HD Deve Gowda has promised 100% loan waivers to farmers within 24 hours if elected to power.

The loan waiver will include all agricultural loans including crop loans, horticulture loans, and medium-term loans availed by the farmers of Karnataka, the party promised.

Other than loan waivers, farmers will get free seeds and fertilisers, the party stated in its manifesto.

In its 28-page manifesto, JD(S) has promised a slew of measures to help the poor, including free power and 30 kg rice to BPL families.

Among the other sops promised, the party said that pregnant women, differently abled people, senior citizens and widows would be given pension by the state government.

A pregnant mother will be provided with an assistance of Rs 6000 per month for 3 months before delivery and 3 months after delivery.

In furthering the cause of “women’s empowerment”, JD(S) in its manifesto said, “Women constitute 50 % of voting population. But, their participation, very often is not even 50% in the elections to the Legislative Assembly. For every woman who contributes a vote in the assembly election, JDS would like to provide a onetime award of ‘Democracy Support Incentive’ of Rs 2000,”.

Power generation, skill development, promoting Kannada and housing schemes also find mention in the JD(S) manifesto.

The party stated that it will introduce “Spoken Kannada” and “Spoken English” in all government schools.

“We will revise our education system to accommodate the principles of ‘Nya Talim’ (new skill) education system propounded by Mahatma Gandhi. Skill, hobby, talent identification from middle school level will begin and continues till graduation and will be recognized as part of merit,” JD(S) said.

Emphasising on skill development, the party said, “We will introduce skill development as a main stream of education from 8th grade onwards. All children study the same syllabus up to 7th grade. From 7th grade children can diversify to skill development schools or to formal schools. Both streams will ensure growth of the knowledge of the student.”

The Congress and the BJP had released their respective manifestoes on April 27 and May 4 respectively.

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