Electoral Bonds & Extortion: Meet team Reporters Collective tracking Electoral Bonds | BJP | SBI

At a time when big media houses in India are shying away from holding power to account, the role of independent media has assumed significance in this regard. The coverage of Electoral Bonds has shown how independent media has played a crucial role in exposing the opaque scheme introduced by the Modi government, despite objections from the RBI and the Election Commission of India. Reporters Collective was one of the first independent organizations to expose the fraud associated with Electoral Bonds back in 2019. The 'Paisa Politics' series on the Electoral Bonds scheme by Reporters Collective, with the assistance of transparency campaigner Commodore Lokesh Batra and Anjali Bharadwaj from the Association of Democratic Reforms, was truly eye-opening. TNM's Shabbir Ahmed caught up with the team members of Reporters Collective to discuss how they tracked Electoral Bonds and why they are not done yet.
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