Watch: This Tamil short film on marriage pressure will have you ROFLing

'Kalyana Vayasu Alaparaigal' has got close to 14 lakh views on YouTube, with several viewers closely identifying with the film.
Watch: This Tamil short film on marriage pressure will have you ROFLing
Watch: This Tamil short film on marriage pressure will have you ROFLing
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A short film on YouTube channel Nakkalites has become immensely popular, thanks to how common a scenario it is in most Indian homes. Titled Kalyana Vayasu Alaparaigal, the film has got close to 14 lakh views since it was uploaded last week.

So, what's it about? A young woman, Sumi, and her trenchant mother who is worried that the former isn't married yet. With no male characters at all, the film presents a pitch perfect view of the kind of conversations and arguments that happen at home when the marriage pressure is on.

Although a comedy which is well under 10 minutes, the film manages to present an empathetic view of both characters. It begins with the mom walking into the house with her bagful of groceries and getting irritated by the very sight of her daughter sitting on the sofa and listening to music. The 'oh-you're-not-married' yet lament soon follows, and the mother indulges in a number of tricks to get her daughter to agree to marriage. From offering her the two-wheeler she had always asked for, to tricking her into taking a selfie in a saree to send to prospective grooms, the mother has several strategies to convince her daughter.

A few other supporting characters appear in the script to make life more difficult for Sumi – once again, characters we all have encountered in real life. The tendency to correlate almost anything and everything to "who will marry you" has been captured hilariously in the film. When a little girl questions the sexism in the "Dosai amma dosai" nursery rhyme, the mom's instinctive reaction is, "If you speak like this, how will you get a groom?"

The film comes to an end with the mother understanding Sumi's point of view with some self-introspection and exposure to the world (through the TV, but still). The video has over 3,000 comments, with several viewers sharing that they were in the exact situation of Sumi, and many cheering for the mom character with affection since they could see their own mothers in her.


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