Chennaiku Pudhusu screenshot
Chennaiku Pudhusu screenshot

Watch: First episode of RJ Saru's 'Chennaiku Pudhusu' out

The web series follows the story of a young woman who moves to Chennai to become a chef.

JFW, a digital community for women with a focus on south India, has launched a new Tamil web series titled Chennaiku Pudhusu. This six-episode series stars popular RJ Saru and the first episode is out now. The team plans to release an episode every Thursday at 2.30 pm on YouTube.

At around 15 minutes, the first episode shows Apoorva (RJ Saru) who travels to the big city of Chennai to fulfil her dream of becoming a chef at an upmarket hotel. Her parents are unsure about her move, especially her mother who adopts a hostile tone. The grandmother is also concerned but willing to be enthusiastic. Apoorva, meanwhile, is confident that she will be happy in Chennai and has stars in her eyes as she travels to the city. The rest of the episode follows her struggle to find a house in the metro, with the usual obstacles that come a single woman's way, from owners being unwilling to rent out to 'spinsters' to insisting that the occupant be vegetarian.

Although cooking is traditionally considered to be a woman's domain, the world of professional chefs is dominated by men. This is an aspect that the series is interested in exploring, a press release from JFW said.

“JFW's foray into producing web series is a natural extension to our pursuit of offering quality and meaningful vernacular content to digital audience across the globe. As a brand we strongly believe in being a differentiator in the digital space and be an aspirational platform for Gen Z and millennial audience," Sujith Kumar, Founder and Managing Director of JFW said in the release.

The series has been written and directed by Kishore Kumar, with Saru as the creative producers. Others in the cast include Sudharshan, Shrisha, Amruta, Shyam Sundar, Latha Venkat.

Previously, the teaser of the web series was launched by actor Simran and TV show host and anchor Dhivyadharshini.

Watch: First episode of Chennaiku Pudhusu

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