Was scared during Hrithik episode, look at what happened with Malayalam actor: Kangana

"Hrithik and his father made a fool out of themselves, owe me a public apology," Kangana said.
Was scared during Hrithik episode, look at what happened with Malayalam actor: Kangana
Was scared during Hrithik episode, look at what happened with Malayalam actor: Kangana
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Bollywood actor Kangana Ranaut has recently found herself in the middle of many controversies. Shortly after she stirred the nepotism debate which rocked the Hindi film industry, Kangana has now made some explosive revelations about the Hrithik Roshan controversy which happened last early last year. The actors, who were once rumoured to be dating, had slapped legal notices on each other.

In an interview to CNN-News18’s Rajeev Masand, the Queen star argued that the matter had not “died down” and Hrithik and his father Rakesh Roshan owed her an apology.

“For me, it's not a case that just dies down, there's a proper end to it. He claimed many things, like there's an imposter, but failed to prove anything... You can't just go about maligning someone and slapping notices,” she said.

The controversy began when Kangana referred to Hrithik, her co-star from Krrish 3, as a ‘silly ex’ in an interview. Hrithik sent her a legal notice following this reference, saying that she was falsely insinuating that the two had been in a relationship. “You are trying to propagate a false idea and thereby gain publicity with ulterior motives and mala fide intentions,” the notice said. Hrithik also accused her of bombarding him with emails (1439 of them), which caused him “mental harassment and stress”.

Kangana replied by saying that Hrithik had provided her with a new email address (in view of the impending divorce with his ex-wife Sussanne) on which they corresponded till May 2014. She also accused him of hacking her email account. “In an effort to safeguard his name, image and reputation your client (Hrithik) time and again malafidely and in mischief hacked my client’s email ID and deleted all the mails sent by him,” her notice added.  

Kangana told News18 that Hrithik could not prove that he was the ‘silly ex’ she was referring to, so he did not pursue the case. She also elaborated on her allegations of him having hacked her email account and about Rakesh Roshan’s involvement.

“He had hacked my account and I complained to his father about it, that he opens my account in the night. He had my password, why would he use it in such an illegal way in 2015. His father promised that he'll help me but he didn't,” Kangana alleged.

Following this, Kangana said that she shut those email accounts. She argued however, that because Hrithik was worried about her spilling the beans on him some day, he hacked her account, used a few of the emails she had written to him from New York, wrote many extra emails himself and went after her legally.

Kangana went on to say that people from the Hindi film industry advised her to apologise because Hrithik and his family were powerful people. "But I said I am not sorry about anything, I am not going to say sorry," Kangana stated. 

She admitted however, that she was scared. “Of course, I was scared. There are so many things that happen around you. Look at what happened to the Malayalam actress because she went and complained to the actor’s wife. They got her raped and got her videos circulated. Of course, that is after my case, but I was scared,” Kangana said.

In February 2017, a popular woman Malayalam actor was kidnapped and a case of rape was filed. In July, actor Dileep was arrested based on allegations that he had masterminded the conspiracy and had been angry at the woman actor for revealing his extramarital affair to his then wife, Manju Warrier.

Kangana alleged further that Hrithik had been plotting against her for two years and wanted to put her behind bars for having an affair with him. She claimed that Rakesh Roshan had threatened to “expose her” as well. “I didn't know what all was there for him to expose. I needed time to understand what they were doing. Of course, they were all lies, but I didn’t know what they would do next,” she said.  

Asked if she could walk with her head held high in the film fraternity after the controversy, Kangana asserted that she absolutely could. Hrithik however, she said, was still “hiding away”. Claiming that Hrithik “runs away” when he sees her Kangana alleged that he was harassing her and stalking her a year after their alleged break up in 2014.

“I complained to his father. I told him that his son is harassing me, stalking me, has hacked my account and he's not letting me get into any other relationship. So his father said I'm going to arrange a meeting for you. Since then, I'm hoping to get a meeting with him to have a two-word conversation with him and ask him that he's telling the world he doesn't know me," Kangana said.

She also questioned where Hrithik’s dignity was when he sent her the legal notice. Kangana pointed out that he had worked with her in two films over the past seven years, and argued that he wouldn’t have done that if he had problems with her.

“He and his father have made fools of themselves, they should apologise to me in public,” she demanded.

Taking a dig at Hrithik’s allegations of his reputation being affected because of Kangana, the actor said that he shouldn’t have had an affair in the first place. “If you care so much about your family life, image and children and all of that, then don’t have affairs! As simple as that,” Kangana said. 

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