'Victory 2' review: This crass comedy fails to offer anything new

If the first film had Sharan in a dual role, this one has him in four.
'Victory 2' review: This crass comedy fails to offer anything new
'Victory 2' review: This crass comedy fails to offer anything new
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Directed by Santhu, Victory 2 is definitely bigger in terms of production and cast ensemble than its prequel, but not necessarily funnier or better. In fact, it's wrong to use these superlatives in comparing such kind of films. If I have to say which one I liked more - Victory or Victory 2 -  it is as similar to a situation where I have been asked to choose between a dish two weeks stale and another a month stale. I will be better off staying hungry.

This lazy sequel showcases the same pedestrian humour which we have seen in the earlier film and indeed most of the films that are termed as comedies. The narrative has a connect with the first film as most of the characters which appear there are retained just to make them look more funnier.

If Victory had Sharan playing a dual role, here it is quadruple. As expected, the factor of mistaken identity with four look-alikes is used to induce comical sequences. Apart from this, the film also tries out to mimic Mrs. Doubtfire / Avvai Shanmugi with the duo of Ravishankar and Sharan who dress up as female "Iyengar cooks" with an idea to loot the treasure stored in the house.

This duo is later joined by Sadhu Kokila too dressed in female attire. This setup seems to be intentional to again generate humor. The writing and direction do not seem to have any aspirations except for getting some laughter out of you, never mind it is forced or unintentional. In one of the sequences wherein Ravishankar and Sharan dressed as women claim to be sisters, one of the goons asks them to turn around and shake their bums and decides on the shape and size that they are genuine sisters.

It does not stop here. Later, when Sadhu Kokila joins the gang dressing up as a woman and claiming as one more sister, the trio is again asked to turn around and shake. It is not that the jokes are crude, they are infantile and unoriginal and make you wonder how a writer can have such a sense of humour?

We have witnessed Sharan and Sadhu Kokila for more than two decades and we know that they have a sense of timing when it comes to executing comical sequences. That sense seems to have completely taken a backseat. The same performers whom we had appreciated, have now turned out to be disappointing. Apart from just being a comedian, this film pushes Sharan to act in fight sequences (including martial arts) and dance with the heroines. What it fails to deliver is one single scene which can be remembered for his performance.

Ravishankar is at his loud pitch as usual with the same kind of mannerisms and dialogue delivery he is used to. The lead women actors, apart from looking like glam dolls, do not have much to do. Veteran artists like Naseer, Avinash, Manjunath Hegde, Sunder Veena, and Aruna Balraj stand out as an odd bunch in this film as they completely go wasted.

There is nothing great in terms of the visual feel of the film. The usual trend of touring foreign places for a song gives the feeling that the filmmaker still has a liking on following outdated filmmaking methods. Arjun Janyas music background score has nothing special worth mentioning except for one song 'Naav maneg hogodilla', which piggybacks on one of the earlier songs 'Khaali Quarter'.

Victory 2 seems like a test to check your stupidity levels. It's a film for people who like crassy comedy. For anyone with a taste of cinema or seeking genuine laughter, there is nothing here.

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