'Patibeku.com' review: This comedy about a matrimonial site is all boring cliches

The film has repetitive scenes and is neither funny nor insightful.
'Patibeku.com' review: This comedy about a matrimonial site is all boring cliches
'Patibeku.com' review: This comedy about a matrimonial site is all boring cliches
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When actor-superstar Kichcha Sudeep released the trailer of the film Patibeku.com a few months ago and praised it, we were hopeful of a good movie just like the trailer. Unfortunately, the movie doesn't live up to the expectations.

While throughout the promotions the team maintained that there is no ‘vulgarity in the film’, the movie says otherwise. Bhagya (Sheetal) is an unemployed woman in her late 20s who belongs to a middle-class family. Her parents (Harini, Krishna Adiga) have just one goal – to marry her off as soon as possible. A groom visits her along with a broker and there begins the marathon. The usual annoying questions from the groom’s family are thrust upon her – Do you know how to cook? Do you know how to sing? And more. There is also a mention of dowry and how one family subtly asks for a 3-BHK apartment and an Audi car as a ‘gift’.

Irked by the constant nagging of her parents, Bhagya decides to take matters into her own hands and starts her own matrimonial site –Patibeku.com. It is from here that her life takes a drastic turn but this trajectory is narrated pathetically. If Bhagya will ever have a happy married life or not forms the climax of the story.

Patibeku.com is an absolute drag to watch. Throughout the film there is no logic and the climax scene is the icing on the cake.  Though the film boasts of being a comedy, it has got the comic timing all wrong.

When a subject like a matrimony website is considered, a lot of issues can be voiced about it – fake profiles, cheating, conning, harassment and more. But the director has not even made an effort to give a sneak-peek into these. This is neither a comedy film with a social message nor does it have strong content. The lack of effort reflects in every frame.

The scenes where prospective grooms demand dowry are passed off very lightly. The narration is sluggish. It is hard to accept Sheetal Shetty as an actor, as in every scene and dialogue she mouths, she screams that she is an anchor-turned-aspiring actor. Aru Gowda looks the same throughout the film, playing a man who pretends to be visually impaired.

Director Rakesh, who has earlier worked on Tarle Nan Makklu, has failed to execute an interesting subject. The lyrics of 'Yakappa Dyavare Aadstiya Cabaret' are so inappropriate. It sounds as if rhyming words were just put here and there to make it sound like a song.

Overall, Patibeku.com is an avoidable movie.

Disclaimer: This review was not paid for or commissioned by anyone associated with the film. Neither TNM nor any of its reviewers have any sort of business relationship with the film's producers or any other members of its cast and crew.

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