'Mahathalli' Jahnavi, 'Viva' Harsha to be seen in two new online shows

Both the shows will be released on March 29.
'Mahathalli' Jahnavi, 'Viva' Harsha to be seen in two new online shows
'Mahathalli' Jahnavi, 'Viva' Harsha to be seen in two new online shows
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Telugu YouTube artists Jahnavi Dasetty of Mahathalli fame and Viva' Harsha will now be seen on video streaming service Viu in two new shows - Munching with Mahathalli and Cinema Pichollo respectively.

Both the shows will be released on March 29 and viewers can stream the shows on www.viu.com or the Viu app.

Munching with Mahathalli will see Jahnavi conduct satirical interviews with stereotypical characters of the Telugu film industry played by her. 

The show will have special guests from the industry whom Jahnavi will interview and relive some of the most famous scenes of Tollywood cinema with them.

"The characters we see on-screen in our Telugu films are one of a kind. I am sure no other film industry in the world can boast of the melodramatic personalities and action sequences that we have," said Jahnavi.

Produced by Viu and Tamada Media, Munching with Mahathalli will have 26 episodes.

The other show starring 'Viva' Harsha titled Cinema Pichollo celebrates Tollywood cinema and the absolute hysteria that fans experience when they see their cinematic idols making their dramatic entries, delivering 'punch' dialogues, woo heroines, their dance moves or beating villains on screen.

Harsha Chemmudu will be anchoring the show along with Shanmukh 'Shannu' Jaswanth in a 26-episode series on Viu co-produced by Whacked Out! Media.

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