Music composer GV Prakash
Music composer GV Prakash

‘Don’t intrude into our lives’: GV Prakash on public’s reaction to his divorce

A day after he announced separation from his wife of 11 years, Saindhavi, GV Prakash issued a statement asking people to refrain from speculating on the reasons for their divorce.

Disappointed over the speculations regarding his divorce, actor-music composer GV Prakash Kumar asked the public to refrain from commenting about their personal lives. 

On May 15, a day after he officially announced separation from his wife of 11 years, Saindhavi, GV Prakash issued a strongly-worded statement against the speculations.  

“Has the Tamil society’s respect stooped so low that they cannot understand how their imagination and words would affect an individual?” he said. 

The statement read, “It is unfortunate to see public discussions on why two people separate or get together without all the information. Similarly, just because someone is a public figure does not mean people can intrude into their personal lives and derogatory criticisms.”

 Speaking about how the duo arrived at the decision, GV Prakash said, “My close friends and family know the reasons and the background behind our separation. I am writing this to let you know that your disappointing criticism, because you made us celebrities or because it is an expression of the love you have for me, is deeply hurtful. Respect every individual’s genuine emotions. I am grateful for your love and support.” 

Saindhavi and GV Prakash have been childhood sweethearts and were married since 2013. They have a daughter together. Ever since they announced their separation on May 14, the internet has been rife with theories on why they chose to part ways and memes on the same. This is despite the duo asking for privacy from the media and their fans in their respective statements.  

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