Can aliens beat Rajinikanth? ‘Star Trek Beyond’ thinks so

The sci-fi franchise is set to take on "Kabali" with a July 22 release.
Can aliens beat Rajinikanth? ‘Star Trek Beyond’ thinks so
Can aliens beat Rajinikanth? ‘Star Trek Beyond’ thinks so
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“Star Trek Beyond” is being touted as the best in the Enterprise series, but the Hollywood sci-fi franchise knows it’s up against tough competition in India when it releases on July 22. After all, that’s the date that Rajinikanth’s eagerly awaited “Kabali” hits the box office too.

The recent “Kabali” promotion featuring Rajnikanth’s face on an Air Asia airplane created quite a stir. And, the promoters of Star Trek want to ensure that the Hollywood film can match at least some of the impact.

In a bid to build a buzz for the film, the promoters of “Star Trek Beyond” have released a poster of a giant Starship Enterprise dominating the Mumbai skyline. Dwarfing iconic landmarks like the Gateway of India and The Taj Mahal Hotel in the foreground, the poster aims to give the global franchise a desi feel.

The film’s promoters are also doing a ‘spaceship activation’, with a huge remote-controlled ‘spaceship’ enthralling audiences in a suburban Mumbai mall.   

“’Star Trek Beyond’ is rebooted and I believe Indian audiences are ready for the superior experience that it offers. We are just trying to ensure that cinema-goers get a slice of the movie experience right before the release,” says Vashu Bhagnani, who is releasing the film in India.

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