'Aswathama' producer refused to settle hotel bills: Mehreen Pirzada breaks silence

An entertainment website reported a few days ago that actor Mehreen Pirzada had left a hotel without paying bills.
'Aswathama' producer refused to settle hotel bills: Mehreen Pirzada breaks silence
'Aswathama' producer refused to settle hotel bills: Mehreen Pirzada breaks silence
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Breaking her silence over the allegation that she had checked out of a hotel without settling bills, actor Mehreen Pirzada has claimed that the producers of the Telugu film Ashwathama, were the reason behind it. The actor has said that producer Usha Mulpuri was upset with her, as she couldn't make it to an interview as part of the film promotion since she had developed a skin allergy. Allegedly holding a grudge against her because of the incident, the producer refused to settle her hotel bill and also did not pay her day staff, Mehreen has said.

“After wrapping my Sankranthi releases promotions, I went to visit my family in Punjab. I returned to Hyderabad to do promotional work for the film a few days before it's theatrical release. This, despite the fact that my maternal grandfather suddenly took ill as a result of a heart attack and has subsequently had stents put. This was even mentioned by my co-star Naga Shaurya during interviews. After I took part in all promotions for Ashwathama, I was unable to make it for one interview as I got a skin allergy and my face broke out into a rash. I sent a doctor's prescription and a photograph to the producers and apologised for missing the interview,” Mehreen wrote in a statement that she tweeted.

Giving her version of the incident, Mehreen said that her manager had informed the producer about the dues they owed, but to no avail. However, after intervention, Mehreen's bills were finally settled. 

“What has transpired since has been extremely hurtful to me and is a malicious attempt at tarnishing my painstakingly built professional reputation,” she said.

“I have worked on 14 films in the Telugu movie industry and I'd like to mention that I have always worked my heart out through pain and illness in some cases without complaint. I have never had any issues with any of the production houses that I have had the good fortune to work with least of all financial issues," she added.

Mehreen offered the clarification after the incident was reported in an entertainment website a few days ago. Responding to it, she said, “It's in very poor taste that my hotel food and laundry bills have been mentioned in tabloid news stories. Further I have nothing to do with the hiring of my costume stylist or their remuneration, this is done directly with the production house which is normal industry practice. There's two sides to every story and I felt that I cannot keep quiet when my professional reputation is dragged through the dirt.”

“I'd like to put this unpleasant incident behind me and look forward to the future. I'd like to thank Ira Creations for giving me the opportunity to work in their film Ashwathama and wish them luck for their future endeavours. I will be making no further statements regarding this issue," she said.

Ashwathama, an action-thriller, released on January 31. The film received a lukewarm response from the audience.


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