Microsoft working to bring Surface laptops with new AI-enabled features

Microsoft is reportedly working to upgrade its Surface lineup with new AI-enabled features.
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 Microsoft is reportedly working to upgrade its Surface lineup with new AI-enabled features.

According to Windows Central, citing sources, the tech giant is working on significant updates to its Surface Pro and Surface Laptop lines, which will feature significant upgrades with improved designs, new features, and next-gen silicon in the form of Intel 14th-Gen and Qualcomm X Series chips.

The new devices will be announced in the spring and will be marketed as Microsoft's first true next-gen AI PCs, the report noted.

Both Surface Pro and Surface Laptop will be available in Intel and Arm flavours, and both will have next-gen NPU (neural processing unit) silicon.

As per the report, Microsoft is calling next-gen Arm devices powered by Qualcomm’s new chips “CADMUS” PCs. These PCs are designed specifically for the next version of Windows, codenamed Hudson Valley, and will incorporate many of the anticipated next-generation AI features that Microsoft is building into the 2024 release of Windows.

The Surface Laptop 6 will be available in two sizes. The smaller model will have a slightly larger 13.8-inch display, up from 13.5 inches on the Surface Laptop 5. The larger model will remain at 15-inches, the report said.

The most significant changes to Surface Pro 10 are said to be related to the display, which the report mentioned is now brighter with support for HDR content, has a new anti-reflective coating to reduce glare, and also sports rounded display corners.

Meanwhile, Microsoft has quietly launched a new dedicated Copilot app in the Google Play Store, offering users access to its AI-powered Copilot without the Bing mobile app.

The new AI-powered assistant is now available for Android users, reports Neowin, but an iOS version is not available yet.

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