Building a career in blockchain technology

Blockchain can be a rewarding space for the talented youth in India.
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While you know that more than 120 million global users have invested in cryptocurrencies so far, you may not envision that as a consumer, multiples of this figure have already been exposed to the world of blockchain and its use cases. Slowly but surely, blockchain technology is permeating the backbone of how services are delivered to end users. Be it supply chain management, cross border remittance and distribution of NFTs, the world around us is adopting blockchain technology at a rapid pace. Naturally, we must ask the question – can we sustainably build a career in this space? The short answer is an emphatic yes. Read on to find out more.

Evolution of the Information Age

In the 1990s, Information Technology (IT) was still a developing field. If you ask your relatives who did engineering/sciences back then, many would have chosen electrical/mechanical based specialties over computer science. This changed in the 2000s – IT and related fields continue to be the most dominant field of study even today. Blockchain technology is a specialty within IT. Though it is a newer specialty with a limited set of use cases today, the future is full of possibilities. 

Blockchain is essentially a place to record, store and execute information. Everything we do on a regular basis today can be disrupted by a new service which uses blockchain. Given the above, it becomes a wise choice for the youth of the nation to start building a career in blockchain based companies. One, it gives them early exposure to a fledgling technology. Two, it allows them to innovate and expand boundaries of the space over time. 

There are some legitimate concerns regarding staking one’s career to a newer field plus the opportunity cost of not working in established ones. But we believe that over time, possibly within a decade, adopters today will benefit the most.

Why is 2021-22 the right time to consider a shift?

In the post-pandemic world, physical boundaries do not apply. When you search for blockchain based roles online, you will see the inherently unmet demand for quality talent – companies based out of the US, Europe are all fighting for the limited talent available with the know-how to navigate this space currently. The demand for talent will only explode in the near future. India has an abundance of talent – if only we put our minds to explore this space, we can all benefit from this. Coinbase, a NASDAQ listed cryptocurrency exchange, has opened an office in India to train and absorb talent available here. 

Just like with the Silicon Valley boom, many Indians will find a rewarding career in blockchain. The smart ones today are already learning the nuances in their fields – the programmers are learning solidity language and building applications, the analysts are becoming crypto influencers, the networkers are building communities in social media etc. They are doing well in their fields and are earning well given the shortage of talent. Indirectly, they also get to appreciate the potential of cryptocurrencies and are building their future wealth. This trend is catching on with women across the world – Indian women can treat this opportunity as a means to achieve financial freedom.

Careers for all

Blockchain is a microcosm of opportunities – you can be a budding programmer, a customer champion, a manager, a data analyst, a teacher – there is enough scope to build a viable career in blockchain for all of you. All the information we need to learn is available online. We can start with a pet project and slowly grasp the possibilities in the space.

In 2022, we expect the Indian Government to regulate this space to allow for innovation. We must all be ready within our reasonable means to catch in and build amazing careers in blockchain.

The author is CEO & co-founder of Giottus Cryptocurrency Exchange. 

Disclaimer: This article was authored by Giottus Cryptocurrency Exchange as a part of a paid partnership with The News Minute. Crypto-asset or cryptocurrency investments are subject to market risks such as volatility and have no guaranteed returns. Please do your own research before investing and seek independent legal/financial advice if you are unsure about the investments.

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