BMTC issues orders on guidelines to be followed if a minor is seen travelling alone

The order was issued after Parinav, a 12-year-old boy, went missing for more than two days and was found in Hyderabad on Wednesday, January 24.
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The Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation (BMTC) on Wednesday, January 24, issued an order regarding the actions that need to be taken if minor children were found to be travelling alone or suspiciously in buses. The notice comes after Parinav, a 12-year-old boy, went missing for more than two days and was found in Hyderabad on Wednesday.   

The order was issued to the divisional controlling officers of all zones, divisional traffic officers of all zones, and senior/unit Managers, Unit-2 to 51 BMTC, Bangalore, and Chief Security and Vigilance Officer, BMTC, Head Office, Bangalore among others. 

According to the order, if the children’s behaviour is confusing or suspicious, they should be identified and asked about their guardians. The Child Helpline number 1098 can be contacted if the children give confusing answers, take them to the nearest police station, or get the phone number of the parents from the children and inform them. All the driving staff should be informed regarding the guidelines.

“Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation is a public service organisation, with the commitment to provide efficient, good, convenient transport services to the commuters of Bangalore city and outer regions, 57,659 services are being performed daily by 5,575 buses covering 11.35 lakh km. An average of 40 lakh passengers are making use of the facility. The organisation is at the forefront of providing safe and reliable service to passengers in the public sector, in which the driving staff of the organisation plays a major role. In recent times, due to stressful life of parents and guardians, lack of time, children's stubbornness, and immaturity among others, minor children are going out of the house without the knowledge of the parents. Not only the parents and guardians are worried, but the health of the society is getting damaged,” the order read.

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