ShopClues co-founder accuses wife of kicking him out of the company, says her degree is fake

In a Facebook post, Sandeep Aggarwal said that his wife was faking and doing things to be famous and cooler than she actually is.
ShopClues co-founder accuses wife of kicking him out of the company, says her degree is fake
ShopClues co-founder accuses wife of kicking him out of the company, says her degree is fake

Trouble seems to be brewing in the founding team of ecommerce major ShopClues. Co-founder Sandeep Aggarwal took to Facebook accusing his wife and co-founder Radhika Aggarwal of various things from faking her qualifications to attempting to push Sandeep out of the company. Radhika Aggarwal is currently the co-founder and Chief Business Officer of ShopClues.

In a Facebook post on Sunday, Sandeep listed things, which he says, people fake and do to be famous and cooler than they actually are. He said that while his wife claims to hold a degree from Stanford, she only attended 2-3 hour-long classes and paid $550 as total fees. 

As per an October 2016 interview to Your Story, Radhika did possess some prior entrepreneurial experience. “She started Fashion Clues (2007-2009), a fashion and lifestyle website targeting South Asia and the US, which she ran single handedly,” the article states. Interestingly, this experience is not listed on her LinkedIn profile.

He accused her of fraudulently changing his voting rights in the company and deliberately kicking him out. Claiming that she never actually contributed to the running of Shopclues, Sandeep in his post said, “reluctantly assisting your husband and not knowing how, when and where to assist = self-proclaimed founder of a billion dollar company…. Title of VP but husband doing all the work = smart, intelligent and highly accomplished individual.”

According to Sandeep, Radhika also tampered with Wikipedia and lied to the press that she founded the company with the other co-founder and Sandeep also joined the company. He went on to say, “When people start calling themselves co-founders and start lying about the formation of a company, its history, its vision, and main brain behind it, those people prove themselves how non-entrepreneurs they are in their demeanor and that they are at best highly insecure and below average executives who got lucky once.”

There were several indications of personal problems as well.

ShopClues was founded in 2011 by Sandeep Aggarwal, Radhika Aggarwal and Sanjay Sethi. Just two years later, Sandeep Aggarwal was arrested by FBI for insider trading which led him to resign as CEO of ShopClues. He then became a consultant of the company. A year later, in April 2014, Sandeep went on to found Droom, an online marketplace to buy and sell used vehicles which has already entered the unicorn club.

The News Minute has written to Radhika Aggarwal for comments and is awaiting her response.

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