Now, enjoy the features of Android OS on a PC: iBall’s Slide Brace X1 Tablet launched

The tablet will support 21 Indian languages.
Now, enjoy the features of Android OS on a PC: iBall’s Slide Brace X1 Tablet launched
Now, enjoy the features of Android OS on a PC: iBall’s Slide Brace X1 Tablet launched
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This is the first time the Indian company has launched a tablet and it has a kickstand to give it a convertible look and feel. The tablet has a 10.1inch display. The display resolution is not specified yet. The exact processor is not identified but it will be a 1.3GHz octa-core processor. The iBall Slide Brace X1 tablet will be endowed with 2GB RAM and 16GB memory. The tablet also has a provision for a microSD slot that will take its storage up to 64GB. The device has two cameras; 8MP rear sensor and a 5MP camera in the front. It also has a battery rated at 7800mAh which can last up to 24hours.

Some useful daily use modules like Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint apps and some utility apps such as Facebook, Saavn and WhatsApp will come pre-loaded. The tablet will also support 21 Indian languages.

The OS is the most interesting feature of this tablet. It is called Remix OS. If you have not heard of this before, Remix OS is actually the Android OS adopted to be run on any PC. Google has managed to transform the Android OS into a desktop operating system. It features the normal menu items like Start and the Taskbar. The only drawback with the Remix OS is that it does not permit any regular Play Store apps to be downloaded or run on the tablet. But, otherwise the user will feel there is not much of a difference from using a Windows PC. It has to be clarified here that Remix OS is not a product directly out of Google, but an organisation floated by some former Google engineers.

The concept behind developing this OS and perhaps even iBall choosing it for its tablets, according to a co-founder of Jide Technology, the organisation that developed the OS, goes like this. A majority of people using the internet for the first time in developing countries and markets, like India, could be coming from the Android experience and are not used to going online with their smartphones. When they wish to migrate from just browsing to doing something more, like development work, they will find the Remix OS a seamless transition.

Whatever the objective, the iBall Slide Brace X1 Tablet whenever it gets released may offer a new experience to many users. The release date has not been revealed yet. The price of the tablet is indicated at Rs 17,499.        

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