Lenovo launches Yoga 920, 720, Mixed Reality Headset and other devices at IFA 2017

The highlight of the Yoga 920 is Microsoft’s digital assistant Cortana that can power the laptop on through a voice command uttered even from four meters away.
Lenovo launches Yoga 920, 720, Mixed Reality Headset and other devices at IFA 2017
Lenovo launches Yoga 920, 720, Mixed Reality Headset and other devices at IFA 2017
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Details of new launches at the IFA 2017 are emerging thick and fast. Lenovo took to the stage and showcased a range of products. Lenovo’s new products on the anvil include Yoga 920 and Yoga 720 2 in 1 and the Miix 520 detachable 2 in 1.

Lenovo Yoga 920

With a 13.9-inch IPS touchscreen display, the Yoga 920 is being released in two display resolution variants. One is a full HD, where the resolution is 1080x1920p and the other Ultra HD with the screen resolution would be 3460x2160p.

The processor is Intel’s Core i7 (8th generation) and the RAM 8GB. 256GB is the internal storage but it can be expanded to 1TB through external storage disks. Windows 10 is the operating system and comes with Windows Hello and Windows Ink applications pre-loaded.

There is a Lenovo Active Pen 2 stylus as a standard accessory and a battery that is said to last a good 15.5hours.

The highlight of this 360° Convertible Lenovo Yoga 920 is that it has the voice activated digital assistant Cortana of Microsoft, that can power the laptop from the ‘off’ status, through a voice command uttered even from four meters away. The price for this laptop as announced by Lenovo is €1599 which would be Rs. 122, 000 in Indian currency.

The Lenovo Yoga 720

The Lenovo Yoga 720 is a 12-inch 2 in 1 convertible. This comes as a third addition to the series where Lenovo already has 13 and 15-inch convertibles. The display is described as 12.5-inch full HD 1920x1080pixels being the screen resolution. This is also an IPS touchscreen display with an anti-glare coating. With 4GB RAM and 128GB internal memory Windows 10 OS, the rest of the specs and features are almost the same as the 920.

In the case of the speakers, the 920 has JBL speakers while Lenovo has Harman Kardon speakers. The battery life on the Lenovo Yoga 720 is 8hours. This device might ship in October but the pricing details are yet to be disclosed.

Lenovo Miix 520

The Lenovo Miix 520 is also a sequel to the Miix 510 launched earlier. This is a detachable 2 in 1. The display size is 12.2 inches and the screen resolution 1920x1200p (full HD). Windows 10 with Windows Ink and Windows Hello are also present.

Like the Yoga 920, this device also has a Core i7 Intel processor and a 4GB/128GB RAM/Storage combination. An additional cellular version of this device is also being offered with LTE connectivity.

The stylus, again as in the case of the Yoga 920 is the Lenovo Active Pen 2 and a keyboard is also being supplied as part of the pack.

The price of the Lenovo Miix 520 2 in 1 convertible in Europe is €899 (roughly Rs.69, 000).

Lenovo Explorer

Lenovo also launched its mixed reality headset Lenovo Explorer, which was originally showcased during the CES.  The Explorer uses Microsoft’s Windows Mixed Reality platform.

It comes with dual cameras that allow VR motion tracking without the need of external motion sensors. There is also support for inside-out positional tracking along with a plenty of VR games and apps. One can even use an Xbox controller.

Users can assign Microsoft Cortana for additional controls.

The Lenovo Explorer comes priced at $349 (roughly Rs. 22,350) without controllers and $449 (roughly Rs. 28,750) with the controllers pack. This mixed reality headset will begin shipping in October.

Lenovo Home Assistant Pack

Lenovo has announced its own smart speaker. The Home Assistant turns any of Lenovo’s Tab four tablets, Tab 4 8, Tab 4 10, Tab 4 8 Plus and Tab 4 10 Plus, into a voice activated assistant with a display.

The home assistant pack just has to be attached to your tablet and the Home Assistant app has to be downloaded. Once you do that, you can use your voice to get the news, check the weather or play music.

You can also convert your Tab 4 into a sound system with its three-watt speaker.

The Home Assistant Pack will cost $69.99 and will also start shipping in October.

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