Instagram introduces carousel ad format to Stories

It’s reportedly a feature that was requested from businesses and advertisers, given how popular Stories are.
Instagram introduces carousel ad format to Stories
Instagram introduces carousel ad format to Stories
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Instagram stories already have ads in them, but it was just limited to one ad medium, an image or a video. It has been claimed by Facebook-owned Instagram that these stories have upwards of 300 million daily users.  

Now, Instagram is adding the Carousel Ads to the stories on Instagram. So, one can have 3 ads in each story instead of just one. Instagram users are already enjoying this feature of posting multiple media and the same is being extended to the ads as well.

According to the social media platform, this is being done in response to demands from the advertisers and businesses. And to a question as to what the significance of the number 3 is, Instagram’s spokesperson has indicated that they may start with 3 now and if the scope permits this number may go up.   

This new arrangement will enable the advertisers to build their campaigns more effectively, using the multimedia capability and their ad stories may get increased eyeballs. If the targeted customers for these ad stories are able to gather additional information from them then it will end in a win-win situation for all. The advertisers will also try and exploit the many new features that Instagram now offers to sharpen their presentations.

Instagram will probably do some kind of a beta or trial run with these multiple media ads to start with and allow select advertisers, (the names of Gap, Coca-Cola and Paramount are being mentioned in the first lot.

While Instagram may start bothering users more with this new feature of advertising, it has also introduced new ‘type mode’, which allows users add pages to their stories with just text and also introduced new types of fonts. They will not need pictures or videos in the background.

Users can choose from colorful, customizable backgrounds and different text styles, including a neon font and a typewriter-type. Stickers can be added as  well. 

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