Huawei Watch 2: After long wait, company reveals range of wearables with Android Wear 2.0

The watch has a 786 MB RAM and a storage capacity of 4GB.
Huawei Watch 2: After long wait, company reveals range of wearables with Android Wear 2.0
Huawei Watch 2: After long wait, company reveals range of wearables with Android Wear 2.0
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Though first unveiled at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona in February 2017, Huawei’s smartwatches are being released into the market now, in April 2017.

Among the new releases is ‘Huawei Watch 2 Classic’, which has been positioned as more of a style watch and the ‘Huawei Watch 2’ which focuses only on the functionality of the watch. The materials of construction of these watches include ceramic, metal as well as plastic. The simpler Huawei Watch 2 only has the provision for a SIM and the access to the SIM slot is by removal of the watch strap.

Some of the Specs and Features of Huawei Watch 2:

1. The main dial is 45mm in diameter and has an AMOLED display of 390x390 with a density of 326ppi

2. The processor fitted on this Huawei watch is Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 2100

3. It has a RAM of 786MB and a storage capacity of 4GB

4. The Huawei Watch 2 is powered by a 420mAh battery and as mentioned, the OS is Android Wear 2.0

5. Some of the features include water and dust resistance for which IP68 certification has been accorded and a heart rare sensor, gyroscope, a compass and a barometer are all part of the watch’s features/functions

6. The watch can be charged wirelessly and if you own an iPhone, iOS support is also provided

Performance Reviewed

You would naturally want to know what is new in the Huawei Watch 2 and how does it perform? The review posted here has a lot of positive things to say about this smartwatch. The highlight of this watch with the new and improved OS Android Wear 2.0 is that the watch can perform many functions as a standalone device without depending too much on the paired smartphone in your hand or pocket.

Activities like making and receiving calls, reading the notifications and even play games. Taking into account the size of the device, you do need nimble fingers; otherwise you may end up pressing the wrong buttons as it happens many times with the phones as well.

The Google Assistant is also there to help you, both with the “Ok Google” voice command or by pressing and holding the button on the top portion of the watch for it to become active. You can learn to make the modifications in the colour scheme and layout on the watch display, including when you are out in the sun so that the contents show clearly under bright light as well.

There is a provision to match the apps that you already have on your phone with the watch and the new OS enables an automatic identification of these apps once the Huawei Watch 2 is paired via Bluetooth to the phone. This also means if there are notifications, you can read them on the phone also enabling better visibility.

The battery has also been found to be quite good at lasting a couple of days on a full charge. And there are also provisions to extend the battery life by putting the device on a power saving mode.

The reviewer has also noted a couple of drawbacks with the Huawei Watch 2. The main issue appears to be with the GPS. The watch takes a little longer to pinpoint the location and this might be an issue with some serious sportspersons who wish to train using the Huawei Watch 2. If such professional requirements don’t exist, this wearable device should go places once it is made available in the stores.

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