Google wants to develop its own chips and it plans to make them in Bengaluru

Google has reportedly hired over a dozen microchip engineers in Bengaluru in a bid to expand its program to design chips, which are the core of its devices, internally.
Google wants to develop its own chips and it plans to make them in Bengaluru
Google wants to develop its own chips and it plans to make them in Bengaluru
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Bengaluru has already emerged as the major location for the semiconductor industry and Google is the latest company to join the list of companies having Bengaluru as a location for manufacturing chips. This has been reported by Reuters through the relevant information found on LinkedIn profiles and the company’s website where vacancies are notified.

Google Has Captive Use for the Chips

Google has entered the hardware scene and has products like the Pixel phones and Home speakers etc. Now the chip making unit in India might be engaged in the entire gamut of designing and manufacturing the chips.  These could then be exported to their existing clients. The ultimate aim for these companies will be to design and make their own chips for all purposes, like a typical Intel or even Qualcomm. Technology companies that rival Google in multiple spaces, like Apple and Samsung, have their own chipset technology which they put to productive use. Google may want its Bengaluru unit to do something similar, going ahead. There are players like Amazon, Microsoft and Facebook too to dabble in chip making.

Some details have been culled out from the profiles of some of the engineers who have joined Google’s unit and the way they have described their position and responsibility in Google. Many have been hired from companies Qualcomm and Nvidia.

Silicon Valley is where Google has its main plant for designing and making chips and the team being built in Bengaluru through fresh recruitments will have to work in tandem with the parent organization in coming out with new designs for chips and making value additions on the way. Most other chip making units of the US companies are limited to their home soil, except Amazon has a facility in Israel, in Tel Aviv.

This is possibly be the first time one is hearing of the chipset unit of Google in Bengaluru. One may hear more in the coming months.  

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