Google to shut down ‘Inbox by Gmail’ app by March 2019

Most of the features of the ‘Inbox by Gmail’ app are being integrated into Gmail.
Google to shut down ‘Inbox by Gmail’ app by March 2019
Google to shut down ‘Inbox by Gmail’ app by March 2019
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Four years after Google created the ‘Inbox by Gmail’ app and building up a decent user base, the app is being withdrawn and many of its features are being merged with the main Gmail app. The support to the app may be withdrawn by March 2019, though the exact date is still uncertain, as per an Indian Express report.

Interestingly, many of Gmail’s features were updated by Google just a couple of months back. Google just released the Support Guide that the users of Inbox by Gmail understand the way through which they can transition to Gmail, given there is adequate time to do that.

The users of the Inbox by Gmail app enjoyed several of the features that the regular Gmail users have received now. These include the ‘Snoozing of mails’, ‘Smart Reply’ and ‘Hover Actions’ and so on. Whatever other features present in Inbox by Gmail and not yet added to Gmail, may be accomplished over these months to March 2019 so that the users of the app don’t feel let down. A couple of them are the bundling of mails feature and the user’s freedom to create categories or labels to which the incoming mails could be directed.

Another feature, Reminders, which is available to the users of the Inbox by Gmail app and not yet made available to the regular Gmail users may be found in apps like Google Tasks and Google Keep which can be used by those on Gmail on their PCs or even their mobile platforms since Google has made these apps available for Android and iOS as well and the apps can be used along with Gmail for a better experience.

Some sections of the users may be disappointed with the withdrawal of the Inbox by Gmail app, but Google might be doing these with a purpose which it will reveal in due course.

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