Google rolls out auto-delete feature on Android, iOS devices

The feature will enable automatic deletion of location history, activity data.
Google rolls out auto-delete feature on Android, iOS devices
Google rolls out auto-delete feature on Android, iOS devices
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Data protection on Android devices will get a boost as Google has rolled out a new feature where there is an automatic deletion of past information stored on your device about your location etc. The feature will be made available to the iOS devices where apps like Google Maps are used and the location data and other details are collected. What’s more, Google is letting the user choose the duration beyond which the data can be deleted. It can vary between three and 18 months. The new feature will be applied across all those Google-owned apps like Maps as well as the apps from the Play Store that get the permission to collect data, including location.

The data collection mechanism is still a matter of debate among many device users as an invasion into one’s privacy. Google wants you to know that by collecting such details it is trying to serve you better by throwing up suggestions on various facilities available around you, like restaurants, or shopping conveniences etc. The other apps collect information on the sites you visited to share it with advertisers who can then send their promotional videos and other ads your way. Now, there may be a large population out there which desires these features, but there are others who don’t. Google and the owners of the apps argue that they are allowing you free use of their services and need a way to monetise and recover their spends. In most cases, they obtain your approval before collecting the data but a majority of users don’t know what the approval is meant for. As mentioned, this argument continues without end.

This step to delete past data may be a compromise between the two and could be a first step in the process of achieving full data protection.   

You will have to reach the Google Account section and look for an entry Web & App Activity to reach the point where you can set the period for which the data may stay. As soon as the period gets over, the data will be automatically deleted. The feature was known to be coming since the company had hinted about this around a month back.

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