Everyone who has Zomato Gold will automatically be upgraded to Zomato Pro from August 1.

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Atom Membership Tuesday, June 30, 2020 - 15:29

Zomato on Tuesday announced that its membership program Gold is now Zomato Pro, under which membership benefits would increase, including additional discounts on delivery and dine in.

Everyone who has Zomato Gold will automatically be upgraded to Zomato Pro from August 1. This is across 10 countries. Offers given through Zomato Gold to consumers will continue through the change to Zomato Pro.

“Zomato Pro has been thoughtfully designed to be much more friendly for a much wider variety of restaurant businesses,” Zomato said in a statement, and that it signed up 50% more partner restaurants for Zomato Pro than Gold. This comes after restaurants have tussled with Zomato Gold over multiple issues including data masking, deep discounting and predatory pricing.

“The restaurant industry is struggling during the COVID-19 crisis, and we hope that Zomato Pro can be one of the most important levers to drive growth, and help restaurant businesses cover up the losses incurred in the last few months,” Zomato said.

On delivery, Zomato said that Pro members will get exclusive discounting options, which will be over and above discounts offered to Zomato’s regular members.

In addition, Pro members get priority delivery.  “This means that any order placed by a Pro member will jump to the front of the real-time queue when we look for a Zomato Valet to deliver your order. This will lead to your orders getting delivered 15-20% faster (on an average) than what you experience right now during peak dinner times.” Zomato said.

The kicker, however, is that Zomato has offered to auto-refund the subscription fees of anyone who doesn’t save twice as much as the subscription fee within the subscription period, which is usually for a year. This, however, is applicable on subscriptions brought from Tuesday, June 30.

“This money back guarantee will be applicable to all Zomato Pro/Gold memberships bought or renewed today onwards.