Bengaluru police sources say she left the city due to safety concerns, and that they don’t think she is absconding.

On the left Hitesha and on the Right Kamraj
news Zomato Case Wednesday, March 17, 2021 - 13:45

A day after a second FIR was registered in the Zomato controversy, Hitesha Chandranee left Bengaluru on Wednesday, say city police. Hitesha had filed a police complaint against Zomato delivery executive Kamaraj alleging that he punched her on her nose. This came just after Kamaraj filed a counter complaint with the police who filed a First Information Report (FIR) against Hitesha. As the case progresses, Hitesha’s home address was leaked online, leading to safety concerns, even as heated debates about the case are happening on social media. 

The second FIR which was registered on March 15 alleged that Hitesha had assaulted Kamaraj with a slipper over an argument about late delivery. “When we went to her house nobody opened the door,” said Anil Kumar, Police Inspector, Electronic City Police Station. He refused to comment further on the issue.

Over the last few days, several videos being circulated on social media have given out the postal address of Hitesha’s Bengaluru residence, compromising her safety and privacy. Another police official said, “She feels afraid staying here as people might come to her home to speak with her about the FIR.”

The official added, “We heard from her that she will contact the police today and will give a statement. She might not have left the city to abscond from the police and might contact us.”

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Controversy broke out after Hitesha posted a video on her Instagram alleging that Zomato delivery executive Kamaraj punched her and trespassed into her house to retrieve the food package when she was chatting with the customer support to either cancel the order or to delivery it free of cost over delay in delivery of food on March 9.

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The Zomato delivery executive Kamaraj on the other hand countered the allegation saying that Hitesha was the one who behaved disrespectfully and called him a slave and abused him. According to him she started assaulting him with a slipper, and when he tried to defend himself,  the ring on her finger hit her nose. 

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