With television audiences looking for more creative options, different plots are emerging on the television screen. But Kanteerava has taken it a step ahead.

You will be surprised to know which channel this new Kannada TV serial will be aired on
news Saturday, April 18, 2015 - 05:30
Written by  Benita Chacko
Kannada TV serial enthusiasts might not have to get home to watch their favourite shows anymore. If Kannada director Aviram Kanteerava’s latest experiment succeeds, then their favourite shows could end up being hosted on Facebook. With television audiences looking for more creative options, and not being satisfied with the conventional "saas- bahu" sob-stories anymore, different plots are emerging on the television screen. But Kanteerava has taken it a step ahead. He will be launching his new serial Hello on Facebook. Kanteerava prefers to call it a ‘cine- serial’, as it will be shot as a film but will be presented to the audience as a series.  Hello’s story will be based on the youth and their dependence on mobile phones. “The audience will immediately relate to the serial as they will feel that it is their story being narrated in the serial,” says Kanteerava, excited about the attention his little experiment is getting. The use of social media to telecast a serial is something new and innovative for the Kannada television industry. Aviram, who has made "Nooraru Kanasu", a feature film for children, says he chose this medium as he wanted the serials to be available to people wherever and whenever they wished to watch it. “In this age people don’t have the time and patience to sit and watch serials. Moreover, today’s generation is hooked to the social media.” Facebook will also prove to be a cheaper medium, as content distribution expenses are minimal. With a potential to reach millions of people and marketing options like Facebook-targeting, the distribution is likely to be hassle free for Kanteerava. In an era where most  TV serials seem to aim for 1000+ episodes, Hello sounds like a welcome change with only 12 episodes. Keeping in mind people’s short attention span on social media, the episodes have been limited to a duration of 8-10 minutes. The show is said to have a huge cast, a majority of them being debutants. Kanteerava has provided a platform to many aspiring artists who do not get a chance to work in the mainstream television serials. These newcomers also approached the makers through social media. “We have taken around 150 fresh faces. Though the main lead is decided, we will experiment with the others. If they do not perform well we will discontinue working with them.” The serial’s novel concept has excited the viewers and the official Facebook page has received more than 3800 likes even before the launch. The web-series is being financed by individual investors. The director hopes to rake in revenues through advertisements and product placements. ‘Hello’ has completed three days of shooting and the title track is ready. The serial will be launched by the end of April and will be aired every Saturday on its official Facebook page. Video of 3V8vtjhfYFQ