The Congress released an explosive audio clip on Friday to prove their allegation that the BJP is indulging in horse-trading.

 Youll be 100 times richer Transcript of alleged call by Janardhana Reddy to Cong MLA
Karnataka Elections Karnataka 2018 Friday, May 18, 2018 - 19:10

Hours to go for the crucial trust vote in the Karnataka assembly and the Congress has released an explosive audio clip to prove their allegation of horse-trading by the BJP. The party in a press meeting in Bengaluru on Friday evening released a 2 minute 41 second audio clip, and alleged that it had the voice of mining baron and former BJP minister Janardhana Reddy, who can be heard speaking to Congress Raichur Rural MLA-elect Basavanagouda Daddal.

The Congress has alleged that Janardhana Reddy has sanction from top BJP leadership, as he mentions 'National President' in the conversation. 

The audio clip begins with a male voice asking the listener, which is MLA Basavangouda Daddal, whether he was free to speak to ‘Janardhan sir’.

Then the voice purportedly of Janardhana Reddy comes on the line. This is the transcript of their conversation.  

Basavangouda (BG): Yes, tell me

Janardhana Reddy (JR): Are you free?

BG: Yes, I am free

JR:  Forget all that has happened before, forget all the bad things. My good time has begun. The big people, the National President will sit with you and talk to you. 

Whatever post you want, whatever you want, let’s speak about it one on one. After that we will take future step. 

BG: No sir, they made me an MLA at the last leg, they held my hand and brought me to this level.

JR: I am going to tell you one point. We formed BSR, we had formed the party when the time was very bad. The time and the situation was against us. I know you have lost a lot of your hopes but I assure you that you will grow 100 times more. 

Shivan Gouda Nayak, he listened to me and came and he became minister and prospered. Today, he is able to become an MLA by himself. He has grown that much and become that powerful. It is was all because of me. Raju Gouda also prospered because of me. 

BG: Oh really? 

JR: It was a bad time and that is why it did not work out for us. But today even though Shivan Gouda Nayak has won, it is of no use. Today, you will become the minister. Did you understand ma?

BG: Haan

JR: What I am saying is I will make you sit in front of the high command and make you talk to them one on one. And today in this country they are governing it because they always keep their word. Whatever wealth you have earned I promise you, you will make 100 times more. 

BG: I am sorry sir. I was on my last leg when they gave me a ticket and made me win. In such a situation I cannot betray them. I respect you.

The audio clip comes hours after former Chief Minister Siddaramaiah revealed to reporters in Bengaluru that Congress was wary of the influence wielded by mining baron Janardhana Reddy and his aides. "We know who has spoken to whom. Who Reddy has spoken to, who Sriramulu has spoken to. We will reveal all the details after the floor test," said Siddaramaiah in a press conference on Friday.

Janardhana Reddy, once known as the man who ran the 'Republic of Bellary' had made a comeback this election. Though he did not contest, two of his brothers and five associates were given BJP tickets. Four of them won and Janardhana Reddy's close associate Sriramulu has been touted to become the Deputy Chief Minister of the state. The BJP has called the tape a fake, and accused tthe Congress of using mimicry artists. Ever since Karnataka threw up a hung assembly, Kannada channels have been openly speaking about the Reddy brothers being in the forefront of BJP's 'Challenge 10 MLAs'. The channels have reported that Sriramulu and Janardhana Reddy had been tasked with poaching various Congress and JD(S) MLAs.

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