The woman is believed to be 30 years old.

Year-old body of woman found in plastic barrel in Kochi skeletal remains discoveredImage for representation only
news Crime Monday, January 08, 2018 - 19:51

The Kerala Police on Monday found a woman's body sealed in a plastic barrel filled with concrete near Kochi.

The blue barrel was first washed ashore. Then it lay abandoned at the shore for a few months, before the local residents in Kochi's Kumbalam decided to report the suspicious material to the police. 

When the Kochi police broke open the abandoned barrel on Monday, they discovered to their horror, skeletal remains of a human from inside it. Not just this, the police also found the plastic barrel to be filled with concrete. 

Panangad police told TNM that the body that was found was that of a woman's, who is believed to be 30 years old. 

"We believe the barrel was filled with concrete after the body was dumped in it so that the barrel remains in the waters and doesn't float around. After medical examination, the skeletal remains have been shifted to Kalamassery Medical College," police said. 

According to Kochi City Police Commissioner MP Dinesh, who was present when the plastic barrel was broken open, the body is more than a year old. It was from the hair and a silver anklet that the body was initially identified to be a woman's.

Locals said that the barrel was found from a water body in Kumbala near Kochi during a dredging operation.

On Monday morning, people became suspicious to find ants covering the entire barrel, and subsequently, it was broken open in the presence of the police.

As the concrete filling was removed, bones were found and soon the police asked for an autopsy to be done by the police surgeon.

Panangad police have registered a case of murder and have begun a probe. 

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