Worried about Kamal's financial situation, says Rajini at Chandra Haasan's memorial meet

I will ask my elder brother Rajini for ideas, says Kamal responding to Rajini's concern about his financial crisis.
Worried about Kamal's financial situation, says Rajini at Chandra Haasan's memorial meet
Worried about Kamal's financial situation, says Rajini at Chandra Haasan's memorial meet
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Actor Kamal Haasan recently lost his elder brother Chandra Haasan. Speaking at his memorial meet, Kamal described Chandra Haasan's personality as a frugal and simple individual who lived a life of honesty.

"He'd buy himself clothes only once in 2-3 years and he'd buy only three sets and wear them repeatedly," he shared. Kamal credited his brother as a big influence in his way of life.

Kamal paid an emotional tribute to his brother, saying that this was the first time he was organising an event without his brother's advice.

"It was my family who taught me how to be a brother. And it is because I knew this that so many have come to support me today," he said.

Rajinikanth, who attended the meet, said in his speech that Chandra Haasan was the one who made Kamal the man he was. "I've met him only a few times, but I've heard a lot about him," said Rajini.

"If you compare the money that Kamal has made from cinema to even what newcomers make, you'll realise that he's barely made anything. This is saddening. But he doesn't care about it. I'm wondering how he will save what he has, how he will earn money from now on."

Rajini also added that he'd never seen anyone who was angrier than Kamal.

"You've only seen 10% of his anger. I've seen 100%. That's why I'm always careful with him," Rajini said. He noted that with Chandra Haasan's demise, it was up to Charu Haasan to take good care of Kamal.

When asked about Rajinikanth's comment that he was worried about Kamal's financial position and didn't know how the latter was going to make money, Kamal laughed and said, "Rajini is also like my elder brother. I will ask him for ideas. I have many people who support me, enlightened people, those who are blessed in the arts...Rajini is among them."

Suhasini Mani Ratnam, who is Chandra Haasan's niece, said that it was her uncle who was instrumental in them coming to the film industry. "If there was ever a true fan of cinema, it was him. It's a big loss, but he will always be with us," she said.

Chandra Haasan's brother and Suhasini's father, Charu Haasan, said, "We were two bodies and one soul. The other half of him is still alive within me."

Speaking on behalf of the Nadigar Sangam, actor Vishal expressed support for Kamal Haasan as "younger brothers" who will stand by him.

Director KS Ravikumar said that he'd met Chandra Haasan several times and that he was impressed by how calm and honest he always was. "It's like Kamal has lost his parents again," he said.

Ace script writer Crazy Mohan also paid tribute to Chandra Haasan and said that he was Kamal's biggest strength.

Director Manobala said that the Haasan family was highly accomplished and that Chandra Haasan was the banyan tree under which many of them grew in cinema. "He was Kamal's right hand. I don't know how Kamal will cope with his loss."

Yesteryear actor Ambika said that she'd done several films with Kamal and Charu Haasan. "I've met him (Chandra Haasan) only once or twice but I've heard so much about him," she shared, adding that she knew from others that he was everything to Kamal.

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