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The News Minute | August 24, 2014 | 01:29 pm IST The world’s most expensive coffee is made from the last place you could ever imagine – Elephant dung. Black Ivory Coffee , priced at the rate of about $70 for one serving , is made by passing coffee beans through the stomachs of Asian elephants, and then picking up the beans from what comes out, reports NPR. The brain behind the idea, Canadian entrepreneur Blake Dinkin, has heard enough cracks about the origins of this pricey coffee – from "Crappacino," and "Brew No. 2," to “Good to the last dropping”. Dinkin, firm with his idea, told NPR "Fermentation is great for things like wine or beer or coffee, because it brings out the sugar in the bean, and it helps impart the fruit from the coffee pulp into the bean." When elephants eat leaves, microbes in the digestive tract “utilize fermentation to break down that cellulose,” he said.  It requires 73 pounds of beans to make 2.2 pounds of Black Ivory coffee, according to the company website.  Insisting on its uniqueness and authenticity, Dinkin said, "There's easier ways to make money. I wouldn't spend 10 years and put my life savings on this if I didn't think it's for real, or I thought it was just going to be an overnight gag." The sale of “Brew No. 2” is now limited only to five-star hotels and resorts in Asia and the Middle East — and a small store in Comfort, Texas, called The Elephant Story, where the profits go to elephant conservation. ( Black Ivory being served with packaging and brewer; Image Courtesy: Black Ivory Coffee Facebook Page )
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