Cosmopolitan India's October issue celebrates curves and focuses on body positivity.

Women celebrating their curves totally slay it in Cosmopolitan Indias latest issueImages source: cosmoindia/Instagram
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There's no such thing as an ideal body size or shape, and beauty certainly does not depend on it. 

Cosmopolitan India's October issue featuring six curvy women proves exactly that. 

These women from different walks of life "stripped down to trash the concept of the 'ideal body image' and inspire every curvy girl to be confident in her skin!"

The magazine's stylist Samar Rajput told BuzzFeed that "The feature is centred around body positivity. For a long time now, a ‘body ideal’ has dominated the thought processes of women around the world, and it’s about time it was highlighted that beauty doesn’t conform to any boundaries and statistics."

And the women are totally slaying it in the photo-shoot. 

1. Angelique Raina, Brand Consultant

"Perfect bodies do not exist; they are a myth. It is important to be able to see through the manufactured ideals in the media."- 

Image source: cosmoindia/Instagram


2. Liza Golden, Model

"Being a model, I always had to restrict myself to a particular size, but I wish I had known that I could be this happy at my natural size!" 

Image source: cosmoindia/Instagram


3. Shyma Shetty, Designer 

Society has ingrained in us the 'idea' of what a healthy body looks like, and people who buy into that illusion are unfortunately keener on having the appearance of a healthy body versus actually being healthy".

Image source: cosmoindia/Instagram


4. Sunny Leone, Actor

"I've embraced my body the way it is and I choose to be on camera that way."

Image source: cosmoindia/Instagram

Check out the full feature here

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