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The News Minute | October 11, 2014 | 2.19 pm IST Woman who has accused seer of Ramachandrapura Mutt Raghaveshwara Swami of raping her, has written to the President seeking his intervention in ensuring she is not denied "justice". The letter, dated October 6, is an account of her ordeal, in which she accuses the seer of the Shimoga-based Mutt of raping her on multiple occasions in the years that she has known him.  The case is embroiled in allegations and counter-allegations as the woman and her husband have been accused of blackmailing the seer. The woman’s brother-in-law allegedly committed suicide due to pressure from the community the couple belongs to. The case On August 17, a man named Chandrashekar filed a complaint with the Honnavar (Uttara Kannada district) police, alleging that someone had been making threatening calls, warning against the organization of the Ramakatha at the Mutt in Honnavar.  On August 26 the woman and her husband were arrested under allegations of having blackmailed the seer as well as other singers who were to perform at the Ramakatha organized by the Mutt. A day after their arrest on August 27, the couple’s daughter lodged a complaint with the Banashankari police in Bangalore on behalf of her mother, accusing the seer of having raped her mother multiple times. In the complaint, she alleged that the seer had filed a complaint of blackmail against her mother because of her decision to lodge a complaint with the police about the alleged sexual assaults.  Read: A tale of threats and harassment, cases and counter-cases at the Ramachandrapura Mutt She said that she and her family have been devotees of the Mutt and followers of its seers for many generations and also had close ties to the Mutt. Her husband and now deceased father-in-law she claimed, had close administrative ties with the Mutt while she herself was the main singer in the Ramakatha organized by the Mutt in various parts of the country. In her letter to the President, the woman says: “With this background, myself and my family members have been following the Mutt with dedication and devotion with the present Swamiji. All the disciples of the Mutt know very well that this Swamiji, whenever wants some work to be done by the devotees, he will say it is the wish of Lord Ram; if there is anything he wants, then it is the wish of Lord Ram himself. He has made the disciples believe that he is the incarnation of Lord Ram himself.” She said that she would travel along with the seer wherever there was a performance and on these occasions, he began to summon her to his personal room on the pretext of discussing the Ramakatha. “He with his oratory skills mesmerized me that he is the incarnation of God Rama and in order to attain God Rama I have to surrender to Guru and offer everything to him including body, mind and soul. Using this religious ecstatic situation, the Swamy raped me,” she claimed in the letter. She also alleged that she had faced “severe threats” from the seer, and the rapes continued “several times” until the “whole matter” became “unbearable” and she finally told her husband.  She alleged that he learned that she wanted to lodge a complaint against him, and got them arrested. “When I was preparing the rape complaint, the Swami got clue of it and got us arrested by Honnavar Police under false complaints made by persons belonging to his Mutt in order to shut my mouth.” The seer has stated in the past that there was no truth to these allegations and that truth would come out. Raghaveshwara Bharati Swami challenged the authorities to arrest him in September, when he addressed his followers on the concluding day of the Chaturmasa fast, in the Raghuttama Mutt in Kekkaru, Uttara Kannada district.  For more on the seer’s speech read: I tread on the path of Rama, not Ravana says seer Raghaveshwara Bharati Swami who faces rape case Related: Nithyananda's former disciple who filed rape charges against him calls SC order 'ray of hope' Related: High drama and how Nityananda took tv channels for a ride
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