Three new versions that were leaked included Windows 10 Pro, Windows 10 Pro N for Advanced PCs, and Windows Server 2016 ServerRdsh.

Windows 10 Pro leaks reveal Microsofts high-performance workstation for power users
Atom Tech Shorts Wednesday, June 07, 2017 - 10:19

While the regular Windows 10 users have been receiving their updates on their systems, out of nowhere, there is now a revelation that Microsoft is likely to release an exclusive version of the OS meant for use on high-performance workstations and for Power PCs. This version could be called the Windows 10 Pro.  

The update would have been revealed by the tech giant in the normal course this fall, but it got leaked accidentally and was picked up by the regulars on the beat. In fact, there were 3 different versions of the new OS found these are

-          Windows 10 Pro for Advanced PCs

-          Windows 10 Pro N for Advanced PCs

-          Windows Server 2016 ServerRdsh

There may not be much difference between the first and the second, with the ‘N’ added might be meant for the markets in Europe where Microsoft has to contend with the anti-trust rulings.

The details regarding this advanced Pro version Windows 10 indicate that when the term Advanced PC is mentioned, it refers to machines which have 4 CPUs and their internal memory could be as large as 6 terabytes.  

It can also be inferred from these accidental leaks that the advanced OS will be distinguished by four extra features; these include the workstation mode, the Resilient File System (ReFS), speedier sharing of files and a more broad-based support for the hardware.

The ReFS will basically replace the NTFS file system currently availed by Microsoft. First launched with the Windows 8 ReFS has now been improved upon and starting with the high-end versions, the NTFS file system may be phased out on all versions.

The company claims that these advanced versions of the OSs have been developed after extensive studies on the working of the hardware and then coming up with better support solutions.  

With regard to the other advanced OS aimed at workstations, the company claims that the OS will facilitate handling heavy workloads like graphics and intensive activities. Top level performance and reliability will be the priorities as far as the OS’ support objectives are concerned.

The ReFS is also given a lot of focus since Microsoft understands that such high-end machines handle large volumes of data and sharing of large sized files will be required, in addition to offering auto-corrections.

There are also indications that this will be an ongoing process and more improvements may be brought in. There is, however, no information on when exactly these new and advanced operating systems will be made available to end users.

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