The feature appears as part of the build 16251 in the Windows 10 update.

Windows 10 to add feature for linking with Android smartphones in latest update
Atom Tech Shorts Saturday, July 29, 2017 - 08:50

Apple has been able to provide, to its iOS based users, seamless capabilities across different devices whether running on Mac OS or the iOS itself. But Microsoft does not enjoy the same liberty since the PCs are dominated by its Windows OS whereas a majority of smart devices function on the Android OS or is derivatives.

But the software giant seems to have found the solution to this and has added this feature in its latest update to Windows 10. Microsoft calls it “cross-device-web-browsing”. The idea here is to enable the user of a smart device to sync his/her device to the PC and this will enable the user to just continue from where he or she left off from the smartphone or tablet.

Imagine you’re going through a piece of interesting news story or something else of interest on your smartphone, while travelling to your workplace and you get a call and have to answer it. If, before finishing the call you have reached your workplace and at your desk, you could simply open your browser on the PC and continue reading from where you left off on your mobile.

Such a synchronizing feature has been offered by the Chrome browser, but now Windows 10 has included this feature and in days ahead, this feature can be availed across different platforms, including your iOS devices and irrespective of the browser you are using on either device.

Technically, the feature appears as part of the build 16251 in the Windows 10 update and once it is installed it should pose very little difficulty enabling the feature.

The user will have to go into “Settings” on the desktop and after choosing the ‘phone’ icon, linking between the PC and smartphone is quite easy. Microsoft has included one more step in the process which requires you to install a test application “Microsoft Apps”. The link is sent through a text message and it is done.

When you open a webpage on your mobile and if you have installed this feature, there will be a prompt “continue on PC” will appear. This is the confirmation that you can continue browsing from smartphone to PC.

Microsoft appears to be working on expanding this concept to include other activities, like messaging etc. but those may have to wait to materialize. Some analysts even see this as a move to lure those who are yet to upgrade to Windows 10 to do so.

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