WikiLeaks accuses Hillary Clinton of stealing its logo

WikiLeaks accuses Hillary Clinton of stealing its logo
WikiLeaks accuses Hillary Clinton of stealing its logo
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Washington: International whistleblower organisation Wikileaks has accused former US first lady and secretary of state Hillary Clinton of stealing its “innovative” Twitter logo design for her 2016 presidential campaign.

The Julian Assange-led organisation tweeted on Sunday accusing Clinton of stealing their insignia for her logo, the Daily Mail reported on Monday.

“Hillary Clinton has stolen our innovative WikiLeaks twitter logo design,” read a WikiLeaks Twitter post.

The WikiLeaks tweet compared its logo with that used in Clinton's campaign, by placing them side-by-side.

The WikiLeaks logo features an hourglass with one “globe” dripping into another with a red arrow next to it. Clinton's logo, on the other hand, shows a red arrow with a large blue “H” around it.

Clinton is not, however, the first politician to be criticised for their logo choices this year.

Earlier this year, US Senator Rand Paul was accused of swiping Tinder's flame for his Rand Paul Political Action Committee logo. Both logos feature a flame above the typography.

Clinton's presidential announcement caused a wave of criticism on Twitter, in which several people used the hashtag, #WhyImNotVotingForHillary.

While launching her presidential campaign on Sunday, Clinton leaned on the message of middle-class rescue and claimed that the US economy was “still stacked in favour of those at the top”, according to a campaign video.

“I'm getting ready to do something,” Clinton said, following a series of clips of ordinary-looking Americans describing what they were “getting ready for”.

“I'm running for president,” she said. “Everyday Americans need a champion, and I want to be that champion.”

Clinton, 67, became the third major figure to announce her US presidential aspirations.

Republican Senators Ted Cruz and Rand Paul rolled out their campaigns earlier.


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