Day two of the discussion on the confidence motion moved by Chief Minister HD Kumaraswamy saw some interesting quips by the MLAs on the floor of the House.

Wife asked me if Id get kidnapped Lighter moments from Ktaka Assembly amid chaosSpeaker KR Ramesh Kumar | PTI
news Politics Saturday, July 20, 2019 - 11:04

It was another chaotic day inside the Karnataka Assembly on Friday as the leaders of the ruling coalition government in Karnataka urged the Speaker to delay the all-important floor test to Monday while the BJP leaders insisted that the floor test to be held on Friday itself. 

The day in the Assembly was marked by numerous speeches, perhaps none as long or entertaining as the one delivered by Arsikere MLA Shivalinge Gowda in the afternoon session. 

The lighter moments in the Assembly, however, were mostly centred around the disappearance of Kagwad MLA Shrimant Patil, who had left the resort he was staying at on Wednesday night and was later found to have been admitted to a hospital in Mumbai. 

TNM brings you some of the lighter moments made in the Assembly on Friday.

1. Shivalinge Gowda (Arsikere MLA): When my wife heard about the kidnapping of Shrimant Patil, she asked me when or if I would ever get kidnapped.

2. Shivalinge Gowda (Arsikere MLA): When Srimant Patil's heart went jhum jhum, did he not find any hospital nearby to get admitted? The poor man's spectacles were not removed when they made him pose for the picture in the ambulance.

3. Lakshmi Hebbalkar (Belagavi Rural MLA): I asked Patil if he wants tea or coffee. He said bajji. We all had tea, coffee and bajji with sauce. 15 mins later CM has come to meet us and Patil is missing!

4.  DK Shivakumar (Kanakapura MLA):  When Srimant Patil's heart ached, were there not any hospitals in Chennai? He flew all the way to Mumbai to treat his aching heart.

5. Nanjegowda (Malur MLA): My grandson called me and asked where I am. I said am out. Will come soon. He asked, are MLAs being bought and sold. I was shocked. He is only 5 and half (years old). Look at where this has reached.

6. HD Revanna (Holenarasipura MLA): BJP leaders reached HAL airport in zero traffic. 

Speaker Ramesh Kumar: What do you mean by 'zero traffic' 

HD Revanna: I don't know much about it, Parameshwara would be the right person to answer.

(In political circles, Deputy Chief Minister G Parameshwara is referred to as 'Zero Traffic' Parameshwara for his tendency to insist that all traffic be cleared for his convoy to travel in gridlocked Bengaluru)

7. HD Kumaraswamy (Chief Minister and Ramanagara MLA): Revanna carries a lemon with him because he loves going to temples. He keeps going to different temples every day. Sometimes he also has a banana in his pocket.

8. Shivalinge Gowda (Arsikere MLA): These rebel MLAs when they go back to their constituencies, who will respect them? MLAs earlier carried so much respect but already, we are seen as dacoits, in the future how will people see us? 

Speaker Ramesh Kumar: You should not insult dacoits that way. They are good

9. BJP MLAs tell Speaker they're willing to stay as long as needed today, but want to finish the Trust Vote today. 

Cong-JD(S) trying to push it to Monday.  

Speaker Ramesh Kumar: "It's not becoming constipated." 

10. Speaker KR Ramesh Kumar: What is the maximum time you require? Let us be practical.

Congress MLAs say they need to go to resort, asks Speaker to adjourn. 

Speaker: I adjourn the House with the belief that you are all going home. Where you go or don't go, I don't know and I don't need to.

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