news Thursday, May 14, 2015 - 05:30
Updated 4:08 p.m.    Reacting to the issue raised by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) over a Rupa Frontline advertisement featuring actor Ranveer Singh thrashing a shark, the brand’s spokesperson said that the visuals were not intended to offend anyone, and added that a disclaimer would soon be attached to the commercial.The recent advertisement garnered negative response due to visuals showing Ranveer taking a dive into an ocean to save a girl from a shark and beating up a shark to portray his masculinity."This is to clarify that the shark shown in the latest Rupa commercial featuring Ranveer Singh is a rubber toy, no animal was used in the shoot. It is not our intention to hurt anyone's sentiment. We will be adding a disclaimer to the ad to this effect," said Mukesh Agarwal, whole-time director, Rupa & Co. Ltd. brand’s spokesperson, in a statement.   Bollywood actor Ranveer Singh has managed to spark yet another controversy after the All India Bakchod roast. This time it’s to do with his new Rupa Frontline advertisement. In the ad, Ranveer is shown wooing a woman by saving her from a shark. In the act, he beats up a shark to impress the woman.   The Indian Express reported that the People for Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) have lashed out at Ranveer and condemned the gesture to beat up an animal to woo a girl. The newspaper also reported that the PETA India CEO, Poorva Joshipura, intends to write to Ranveer Singh and Rupa Frontline to share their concerns on behalf of sharks and the socially aware youth.   Here is the advertisement that has caused all the hullabaloo:   Video of VGOA8crLbis