The audio launch for the film was held in Chennai on November 20, inside a packed Prasad Studios theatre hall.

Why Pa Ranjiths Neelam Productions exists Snippets from Gundu audio launch
Flix Kollywood Thursday, November 21, 2019 - 17:47

Director Athiyan Athirai’s Irandam Ulagaporin Kadaisi Gundu is expected to release on December 6. The audio launch for the film was held in Chennai on November 20, inside a packed Prasad Studios theatre hall.

Comrade Athiyan, as he likes being called, recounted the days when he worked in an iron scrapyard, bearing heavy loads, and about his relationship with producer Pa Ranjith.

“The film will speak about an important way of life. I wanted to tell the story of where I come from. They talk about how air pollution reduces one’s lifespan today but every worker who spends 12 hours on an average day, breathing iron dust, loses half his lifetime. This was my life once,” he said.

On the music

When it was his turn to speak, music director Tenma recalled his first meeting with Ranjith, when they formed The Casteless Collective: “I didn't think composing for a film would happen so soon. I come from an indie music lifestyle and I was not sure how I’d fit in.” Tenma further added that he made sure to bring onboard more indie artists like himself.

The film’s album has six songs written by lyricists Uma Devi, Thanikodi, Arivu and Muthuvel. Lyricist Uma Devi who has penned three of the six songs – ‘Iruchi’, ‘Irul Vaanam’ and ‘Nilamellam’ – spoke about how much she liked working on this project.

“In Kabali I wrote two songs – ‘Maayanadhi’ and ‘Veera Thurandhara’. I liked the latter for the challenges it presented. In this album, I loved writing ‘Iruchi’ mainly for how unique it is. The song is on people’s gods (makkalin deivangal).”

On Neelam Productions

Actor Ramesh Thilak used the opportunity to address his detractors. “There’s a dialogue in Kumbalangi Nights - ‘It doesn’t matter who says it. If what they’re saying is good, we should take it.’ I think people’s perspective here should change. Here, people look at the person who is saying it. If it's a Ranjith film, it is considered to be a film on caste. If it is any other director, they receive praise. Please treat it equally,” he said, adding that he is here to stay and make more such socially responsible films.

Director Mari Selvaraj, who was also present, spoke warmly of the production house. “The film has been made with so much honesty. Every film that comes out from Neelam will be so. Neemal is our production house. My third film will be with Neelam. I have so much pride about it. It is very difficult to find a production house that allows a director to remain true to his ideologies and beliefs. Neelam is one that does. I’m sure it will reach the people because it has been made for them. Only those with the basic understanding of how society works can work in Neelam,” he said.

Director and producer Ranjith who spoke briefly towards the very end, said, “It was my intent for Neelam to become everyone’s hope. We have plans to make more such films. More than stories that can be told, we are here to tell the stories that have been stifled. I am sure this film will give you new understanding.”

Speaking about the success of recent films, he said, “I think Asuran’s success is an important win in today’s cinema. Commercial success is important. I also consider Kaithi’s success to be very important. I think such films have been carrying forward the ‘different cinema’ effect created by Pariyerum Perumal. Neelam will continue making more such films. We will create a platform for discussing issues.”