On Sunday, Akhand Bharat Sangarsh Samithi organisers made provocative slogans like “will shoot you and give freedom.” However, police haven’t filed any cases yet.

Why no action against hate speech Activists allege bias by Hyderabad police
news Hate Speech Wednesday, February 05, 2020 - 18:29

Three days after inciteful slogans of “we will shoot you and give you freedom” and others were chanted at a pro-CAA meeting in Hyderabad, by the Akhand Bharat Sangarsh Samithi, police are yet to take any action against the organisers. When asked, police say they are still verifying the incident, despite several videos of the event doing the rounds. Charminar SHO B Guru Naidu said, “No case has been filed yet, we are verifying the incident.” Anti-CAA activists now allege bias in the lack of enthusiasm shown by the police.

On Sunday, Akhand Bharat Sangarsh Samithi – an organization affiliated with the BJP – held a meeting at Quli Qutub Shah grounds in Hyderabad in support of Citizenship (Amendment) Act brought in by the BJP-led Union government. In the meeting, provocative slogans were chanted, including: "Jamia ka kabar khodenge bharat ma ke chaati pe." (Jamia, your grave will be dug on Bharat Mata's chest); "Thok ke denge azaadi" (We will shoot you and give you freedom); "Peet ke denge azaadi." (We will beat and give you freedom); "Cheer ke denge azaadi." (We will slay and give you freedom). These slogans were made against Asaduddin Owaisi, JNU students, Jamia students, and CPI leader Kanhaiya Kumar, who are vehemently opposing the CAA.

Though numerous social media users shared the video and sought legal action, police haven’t filed a case yet.

Alleging bias, Majlis Bachao Tehreek party leader Amjed Ullah Khan said, “When we took the Million March protest and concluded it peacefully on time without any law and order problem, police filed a case against the organisers claiming that we violated the agreed upon terms. But the same police are in deep slumber when blatantly criminal and unlawful things are said in public. Isn’t it hypocrisy of the police? Don’t they find the slogan of shooting someone provocative enough?”

Amjed Ullah Khan alleged that the Hyderabad police are functioning in favour of Union Minister of State for Home Affairs, Kishan Reddy, and hence the lack of proactive action – the police are being lenient with the right wing, he said. He further said that Akhand Bharat Sangarsh Samithi obtained permission to hold the meeting from the Quli Qutub Shah Urban Development Authority under the false pretence of “promoting national inutility and culture values.”

Slamming the police, Shiba Minai, an activist said, “When we apply for permission for our anti-CAA protests, police outrightly reject it claiming it to be a hindrance to public, and cite law and order problems. Don’t police find these hate speeches a problem to law and order?”

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