Why ‘boycott’ Myntra is trending on Twitter

The ad, featuring the Myntra app, was based on an iconic scene from the Mahabharata.
Why ‘boycott’ Myntra is trending on Twitter
Why ‘boycott’ Myntra is trending on Twitter
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On Friday morning, #BoycottMyntra was one of the top three trends on Twitter. The hashtag surfaced after ScrollDroll had put out an advertisement for the online shopping platform, which was an illustration based on a scene from the Mahabharata.

The graphic showed Krishna looking for “extra long” sarees on the Myntra app as Dushaasan disrobed Draupadi.

Though the agency may have meant it as tongue in cheek humour, the ad did not go down well with Twitterati who slammed the graphic for trivializing the iconic scene from the Hindu epic, deeming it disrespectful to their religion.

Scroll Droll later deleted the tweet and apologized for having hurt anyone’s sentiments. While it is not clear when exactly the graphic was tweeted, Scroll Droll also said that the ad was created in February. The graphic may have resurfaced on Thursday due to Janmashtami.

Scroll Droll added that Myntra had nothing to do with the advertisement. Myntra disassociated itself from the ad as well.

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