Who is a Kokilaben, what is a Rasoda, and other Hindi Twitter stuff explained

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Collage of characters Raashi ben and Kokilaben from Hindi serial Saath Nibhaana Saathiya
Collage of characters Raashi ben and Kokilaben from Hindi serial Saath Nibhaana Saathiya

For the past two days, Twitter has had random conversations about some Raashi, Rasoda, Cooker and Kokilaben. If, like me, you thought this had something to do with Indian Matchmaking, you are wrong. If you thought Rasoda is a name similar to Saroja, then also you’re wrong. No, it’s not some viral ad for a pressure cooker shot at a specialty hospital in Mumbai. This whole trend, friends, is about a Hindi serial called Saath Nibhaana Saathiya – which means ‘Stand by me, partner’, or ‘Seven uphold Alaipayuthey’, depending on how you translate. What is this serial about? From our limited research on Twitter, we think it’s like (Kalyanaveedu + Roja) x 1000.

So the whole thing started with a mashup song created by Twitter user Yashraj Mukhate (@YBMukhate). Yashraj set a scene from the serial to tune – and it immediately went viral in Hindi speaking circles. We can imagine why – the tune is quite catchy and the scene absurd enough to catch people’s fancy!

What is the scene about? Well, Kokilaben – the one in the yellow sari – tells another character, Gopi (the scared looking person in maroon and green): “Yesterday, juice fell on my sari, and I went to take a bath again. You put channa (chickpeas) in the cooker and came to me. Who was in the kitchen (Rasoda) at that time? Who was there? Was I there? Were you there? Was I there, were you there, who was there?! Who was there?! WHO WAS THERE?”

To this, Gopi – one of the daughters in law in the Saath Nibhana Saathiya (SNS) universe – blurts out: “Raashi ben!” (Ben = sister.) (You may remember Gopi from another viral meme from the past, of a woman, umm, washing a laptop.)

Now Raashi ben is the person standing behind Gopi. Raashi ben, in pink, is another daughter-in-law in the SNS universe, and this one is the villi.

Back to the video. Kokilaben continues, “It was Raashi! She took the channa out of the cooker, and put the empty cooker back on the gas stove!”

Backstory (no, we didn’t watch the whole serial don’t worry): Villi Raashi ben wants to become the superior daughter-in-law of the SNS universe. And so, she wants to hurt mother-in-law Kokilaben, and put the blame on laptop-washer Gopi (not to be confused with Kalyanaveedu Gobi.) When Gopi put channa in the cooker and stepped out of the kitchen, Raashi ben threw the channa into a dustbin, and put the empty cooker back on the stove hoping it bursts when Kokilaben enters the kitchen. However, the cooker burst at the wrong time and no one was hurt. And the blame went on Gopi until Kokilaben realised that some channa was missing from the dabba, and therefore there has been some foul play.

Sherlock level sleuthing!

So TL;DR – Raashi (ben) is an evil daughter-in-law who put an empty cooker on a gas stove to hurt dramatic mother-in-law Kokilaben, but got whooped. Rasoda means kitchen in Gujarati. Someone set the absurd scene to tune and it went viral. And now there are people demanding CBI for Raashi. Oh, and some others want justice for Raashi because they think Gopi is making this whole thing up.

You’re welcome. 

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