At least 43 people lost their lives in a pair of suicide bombings

While we pay our condolences to Paris lets not forget the lives lost in BeirutImage for representation
news Beirut Saturday, November 14, 2015 - 15:16

As the Paris shootings made headlines worldwide, another act of horrific attack against humanity lost prominence in the world media.

At least 43 people lost their lives in a pair of suicide bombings while 239 others were injured in the Lebanese capital of Beirut on Thursday. The explosions occurred in close proximity to each other in the swarming open market area in the southern fringe of the city.

CNN reports a would-be suicide bomber who failed to detonate his pack of explosives claimed to be an ISIS operative from neighbouring city of Tripoli.

The part of the city is known to be a Hezbollah strong hold and Lebanese intelligence agencies suspected that to be the primary reason.

ISIS which is a Sunni radical group is thought to be behind the attacks against the Shia militant group of Hezbollah as they are helping the Syrian government to fight the ISIS.

However, this is the first attack on the Hezbollah strongholds in more than a year, reported Reuters.

Many heart warming stories have also started pouring in like that of Adel Termos, a Beirut resident who was out with his young daughter when he observed a second suspected suicide bomber heading towards a crowd and tackled him to the ground, causing the bomb to detonate, saving many lives and losing his own in the process.

The Washington Post quoted the Prime Minister Tammam Salam saying, “I pray that this tragedy is enough to wake up politicians so that they can put their differences aside so we can protect the country,” as he called for a national day of mourning.